‘Trailblazers’ was the first event conducted by the newly formed team of The Entrepreneurship Cell for the year 2018-19. This event took off with a social media round, where participants had to bring out the photographers within them to express what they believed was “The spirit of entrepreneurship” and post them on our Facebook page. We witnessed a variety of perspectives. Some were creative, some made us realize that the spirit of entrepreneurship is in every person, in one form or the other.

In total we witnessed a participation of 90 students in 32 teams.The event was conducted, on 16th July 2018, in three different phases. The 1st round tested the participants on their presence of mind and their knowledge about the famous entrepreneurs around the world. Few audio clips consisting of the most iconic speeches of these entrepreneurs were played for 10 seconds and the participating teams had to guess the name of the entrepreneurs.

The 2nd round consisted of a treasure hunt where a series of hints leading to a key was designed. The hints were spread out throughout the college and participants had to rush to all corners of the college to solve each hint as only the top 10 teams would make it to the next round. This round witnessed participants exploring few unknown places within the college and were happy to have found these spots. When the top 10 teams were announced, these teams who were dripping in sweat rejoiced the moment to the fullest.

In the 3rd round, the participants were given a link to a google sheet consisting of various riddles framed in such a way that lead to a name of well-known start-ups like Foodpanda, Uber etc. The participants loved the riddles and when the answers were revealed the participants were hooting in excitement. It was a delightful sight to witness.

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The final round tested the finalists on their impromptu entrepreneurship skills. Each team was given a sheet consisting of an image of a random potential entrepreneurial venture like a paratha shop, a vegetable cart etc. The teams had to devise an expansion and sustainability plan for these ventures. Each team was given 30 mins to complete this task and submit their plans.

Once the round concluded we bid thank you to all the participants and in return received a huge round of applause for conducting the event. The judges had a tough time brainstorming each plan and after few hard choices they selected the best two plans. These two teams emerged as the winners of the 1st event of The Entrepreneurship Cell – Trailblazers 2018 and were awarded cash prizes of 2000/-, for the winners and 1000/-, for the runners up.