Trailblazer is a unique event which is an amalgamation of fun and learning. It is a platform to showcase creativity in a different manner. The first task for the participants is to find their teammates through a given set of clues. In this task, every participant is provided with a logo of a startup and asked to find the other team members having the same logo. Participants are spread all across the campus for the first task.

Once a team is formed, they are required to go through a startup quiz wherein they need to identify the name of the startups using the provided clues related to each startup. This marks the end of first round of the event.

The top eight teams from round 1 are required to make a promotional plan for a given problem statement and showcase their creativity in every possible way.

This year the event was successfully conducted with the participation of more than 100 students out of which 40 students were able to make it to the final round. All the teams came up with amazing ideas which were loaded with creativity and stupendous brainstorming. Team ‘Red Bull’ and ‘Shopclues’ were declared the winners.

This event was sponsored by VLCC and the winners were awarded cash prize along with VLCC gift hampers.

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