Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 25 (Most Wanted Entertainments)

We at Entreprene1urship Cell firmly believe each and every one is an entrepreneur in one
way or the other. As startup Sunday reaches its last episode of season 1, we bring you the story of a person who recently made revenue out of his business model. The way he scaled his hobby into a money generating YouTube channel is impressive. Mr. Maheshwaran from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu , is the proud owner of Most Wanted Entertainments,  a venture that started with a simple animation video on whatsapp.

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Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 8 (TVF)

Bored of the same old Indian TV shows?

tvfFor many years now, Indian TV has been plagued with melodramatic soaps, scripted reality shows and the controversial cricket league, IPL, in the name of entertainment on Television. So, almost 6 years ago, a group of youngsters started creating ribtickling and creative youth centric videos. Continue reading “Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 8 (TVF)”

Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 2 (ScoopWhoop)

“We don’t do cat videos, but if we find a video of a cat doing Backflips in Lajpat Nagar (or Parel) we’ll most definitely run with it” appearing on the official ScoopWhoop page, is perhaps a jocose way to present the theme of the company.

swScoopWhoop is an internet media and news company from India, which claims to create and curate India specific stories with the sole intent of helping it reach as many people as possible. The website initially started as a viral content generating and sharing website but now the company has also begun serving as a news portal and also acts as a channel for sharing and remedying social concerns. It is a one-stop destination to discover and share everything Indian happening on the Internet. Continue reading “Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 2 (ScoopWhoop)”

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