The Entrepreneurship Summit

Following the legacy of knowledge dispersion to the young minds of International Management Institute, New Delhi, the Entrepreneurship Summit was held on 19th August,2018 as  the part of ‘Conventus’, the Annual Management Conclave of IMI.  The summit was graced by the auspicious presence of the stalwarts of the startup world where they provided their valuable insights to those present there.

The following were the panel members:

  1. Deepit Purakayastha, Co-Founder, Inshorts
  2. Bharat Sethi, Serial Entrepreneur, Shelfmonk, Postergully
  3. Nakul Kumar, Co-Founder and COO, Cashify
  4. Deep Bajaj, Founder, PeeBuddy
  5. Saket Modi, Founder & CEO, Lucideus Tech


Mr. Prabhakar Tiwari, Founder & CEO, The MargDarshak Inc., was the moderator for the discussion.

The topic of discussion was “Collaboration and Inclusion: Nurturing innovation in Startups.”A total of 125 young and curious minds witnessed the excellent discussion.The summit started directly with the most crucial element, “The Challenges”. The panelists, through their diverse experiences, brought out the first set of challenges which is finding the right set of people to work with and building the dream team to execute the idea. They further described the need of collaboration to aid the new age start-ups and that collaboration happens in both internally and externally. A brilliant reason from one of our panelist was that, “A start-up founder must know when to quit Micromanaging once his team starts growing”. The solution for this comes from encouraging Inter-organizational collaboration.


The panelists then threw light on the second set of challenges, which is raising capital, but the background challenge was to first build a sustainable business by developing the right product targeted at the right segment. The simple reason for this correlation was a simple rather unnoticed fact, “The best capital is the paying customer”.

When our moderator raised a question asking the panelists their opinions of Government and its support towards start-ups, surprisingly various speakers had different views regarding the point, but they all consensually agreed that government is taking steps but a small one every time. Panelists stated that they trust and believe that Indian start-ups can become global, and that inclusion is an essential method for the further growth of the venture.

The Entrepreneurship Summit at CONVENTUS’18 ended on a motivating note through the insightful inputs from our esteemed panelists. The summit gave the audience the much needed insight for nurturing innovation in start-ups through collaboration and inclusion of the right people for the right job

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