‘Empresario’ as the name suggests means entrepreneur in Spanish. The event was held on 24th November, 2017 for a time span of three hours. The event was curated to experience the promised euphoria and consisted of three rounds as follows:

The Quest– Volunteers were spread across the campus with clues regarding different places in and around the campus. The participating teams (comprising of 3 members) had to decode all the clues and reach every location. Out of 25 teams, top 12 teams to reach the final destination first went to the next round.

Startup Unplugged-The teams had to choose a product, create a jingle of their own and approach people  in the campus to sing their jingle and record their video within the set time limit in a specified format. The top 4 teams with maximum number of videos (based on innovation and creativity) headed towards the final round.

Strategia– In the final round, one member of the team was blind folded, the other 2 members had to guide the blind folded person by clicking or clapping their hands to collect the balance sheet items which were distributed on the ground. After all the items were collected, the blind fold was removed and all the team members had to come together and arrange the balance sheet.

The event was a grand success owing to the enthusiastic participation of all the teams and everyone went back with a feeling of joy and ecstasy.