E-TNT is the marquee event of the Entrepreneurship Cell, IMI New Delhi. This is the event that gives students an opportunity to test the mettle of Entrepreneurship inside them. Students bid for stalls and operate these stalls on the event night to earn profits.

The top eight bidders got a chance to offer their products. The hype after this round was immense and one couldn’t quite wait to witness, as to what would unfold on the final day of the event.

It was the 17th day of January, 2018, when all the eight teams set foot on the amphitheatre with their entire product range. The amphitheatre area loaded with beautiful décor including the adornment at the college gate and the photo-booth seemed to set up a perfect stage for the winter carnival to get underway. DJ and music added to the frenzy and as the songs started rolling, people from the entire IMI community started flowing in. They enjoyed all sorts of food, beverages and sweet dishes available at the campus that day.

Four hours of fun, frenzy and entertainment, with the crowd dancing to the tunes of latest Bollywood remixes and party numbers. This summed up E-TNT for the year 2018. A total sales of over 1 lakh rupees remained the USP of the event.