Startup Sunday Season 3 Episode 13(Binashree – The Skyrocketing 3D Printers)

Many are successful, but only a few are achievers. What differentiates these two is the courage to take the road less travelled. It requires lots of courage to enter an industry which is still developing and moreover when you don’t possess any expertise in that sector.

Today’s Startup Sunday brings to you the story of such enthusiastic and dynamic young brothers, Sitendu, an Electrical and Electronics Engineer and Somarendu, a Chemical Engineer, who left their 9-5 desk job for making an impact in Indian Tech market with their brand-new Start-up called Binashree.

Binashree logo

With a vision of meet their customer demand with proficient technology with constant innovation, Binashree has already established itself among the top 20 3D Printing Service Providers, 2018 by Magazine Silicon India. And guess what it took only 11 months for them to achieve this feat.

About Binashree

A Bangalore based startup, Binashree is known to deliver high-quality products and services across:

  • 3D printing: Its line of 3D Systems’ printers make way for you to instantly realize clients’ instant solution.
  • Vacuum Casting: They offer a complete turnkey solution for creating master patterns and cast copies based on clients’ CAD designs. They not only make high-quality moulds but also offer a full line of finishing services including painting, sanding, pad printing and more.
  • Injection Moulding: They can manufacture the component parts or finished products or provide a partial project management injection moulding service from 3D part/technical drawing to production part.

Binashree serves different industries and processes

Binashree 1

A dive into the interesting journey

Binashree’s journey started with a basic idea of both the brothers’ desire for their own startup which can contribute to Indian Technological and Manufacturing Industry at par with the Chinese market. “Why are we dependent on China for manufacturing and not doing it in our own country?” is the question which hit Sitendu’s mind. With this objective, he started Binashree with a production team of 15+years’ experience, who are experts in providing high-quality parts and finishing to end-use products according to their clients’ needs and requirements.

Nothing can be a better teacher than a fresh struggle story. The passion with which Binashree is heading towards being public next five years, can be a source of inspiration for the budding entrepreneurs. Like every startup, Binashree has also faced loads of challenges like funding and entering into a market which was pre-occupied by giant players. But Binashree has never looked back and rose with every failure. Even in such technology and machinery based startup, Binashree didn’t get funding from anywhere but still managed not only to survive but to grow as well at a commendable rate. “Passion and optimism are something that can keep you struggling in the market no matter what,” says the founder.

Binashree Stats

Binashree’s Clientele Base

Within 11 months of its establishment, Binashree has already completed 50+ projects serving 25+ clients. Firms engaged in research and development forms their clientele base. When asked about the challenges as a new entrant in this industry, Sitendu says that it’s the quality delivered by Binashree which makes it compete with the existing market leaders. He doesn’t believe in advertising as he says that a manufacturing company’s advertisement is the quality of products that it provides which can outperform the existing ones. Word of mouth is the basic advertising strategy followed by Binashree.

Binashree follows an open work culture with no rigid hierarchy. People work cross verticals with the prime objective of taking the budding startup to new heights of success. According to the founder, the manufacturing sector cannot expect an exponential growth like other industries. So if you are targeting that sector, you must have the perseverance to keep on going without being affected by initial slow growth and sometimes even losses.

Words by the founder for the budding entrepreneurs

 “For surviving and succeeding in this competitive environment, you need to be very strong. You may face a lot of challenges but if your vision and goal setting are clear, you can easily overcome those keeping your head high. It actually requires a die-hard attitude to make your dreams come true. For that, you yourself should be able to see your own vision and dream down the line. Never start a startup for the sake of money making. Never try to be someone else. For me, I want Binashree to be Binashree in next coming years, not any other established brand. You can give a better competition to yourself than anyone else. Live your dream and keep on moving towards your goal. Success will chase you.”


Startup Sunday Season 3 Episode 9 (ELON MUSK- The visionary with an impeccable spirit)

The Human Mind has always baffled many scholars, researchers, scientists and philosophers for its sheer ability to think and perceive the unimaginable. Sir Albert Einstein once famously quoted, that “Logic will take you from A to B. But Imagination can take you everywhere”. To what extent this quote is valid can be judged by the way that humans have evolved only through innovation over the centuries. From lighting fire to producing nuclear energy and from making wheels to sending the man on the moon, we have practically achieved a lot as a species. Human race over the generations has been blessed by such thinkers, philosophers, and innovators who have challenged and disrupted their time and have come up with discoveries and innovations that none could imagine then. Even today we have visionaries, who with their imaginative minds cross all the boundaries that bind a normal person, to create a better world for those living therein.

When we talk about visionaries, one such person who has changed the way multiple industries work is Elon Reeve Musk. Born in Pretoria, South Africa, Musk’s journey in becoming a visionary and an entrepreneur started at the age of 12 when he created Blaster, a BASIC-based video game, and later sold it to a Magazine known as PC and Office Technology, for approximately $500. Later being inspired by The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, Musk believed that the Internet, Renewable Energy and Space Travel would be having the biggest impact on the lives of the people worldwide. This week’s Startup Sunday would thus feature the journey that Elon Musk took as an individual to establish three very different ventures and how he built those enterprises from scratch with a never say die attitude. Such an undying spirit was the result of his conviction to his own ideas.

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Startup Sunday Season 2 Episode 26 (Qrius)

Qrius earlier started as  ‘The Indian Economist’ back in January of 2013 is a leading digital magazine that focuses on publishing high quality articles and opinion pieces on business & economics, policy, politics, culture, foreign affairs and more.

With a broad range of In House Analysts, Contributors from around the globe, and over 100 content sharing partnerships with organisations from across the world, they aim to present to the reader a unique perspective on the most important issues of the day in various fields. Their Moto is ‘For the curious Mind’ as they developed Qrius into forum where curious minds meet and discuss a diverse range of subject areas that affect business, politics and society in general.

Entrepreneurship Cell got an opportunity to interview Mr Manan Vyas founder of Qrius, and brings to you the story of Qrius this Sunday



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Startup Sunday Season 2 Episode 8 (InstaGo)

” Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets because to travel is to live! “

Hello Folks!

Planning to go somewhere this Sunday and tired of shuffling between travel apps?

Don’t know what your ride will cost or if there is a quicker option nearby?

Whether you need a taxi, an auto, a bike, a car rental or just information about public transit stops, fares and time tables, InstaGo has it all!!

The all-in-one travel app is here!!



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Startup Sunday Season 2 Episode 5 (TNT Motorcycles)

“Four wheels move the body; Two wheels move the soul”

Have you ever felt that rush of blood mixed with dopamine and excitement when you see a reviving engine pass by. The sleekest of edges, smoothened lines and your gaze just sliding along the contours.

This Sunday we bring you the man who is behind the design and power of one such bike. The man who gives life to the machines, one who makes the heads turn and one who tunes performance to another level. Here is our exclusive interview of a bike enthusiast Nitin Sharma (Co-founder, TNT Motorcycles) about his journey from being an MNC employee to a Motorcycle builder.

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