Startup Sunday || Season 4 Episode 22 || Talentiro

What is Talentiro all about?

We are creating a SaaS based model which is the first of its kind web application which will allow an employee to take their review and rating from one organization to another organization This application depends on the employer-employee relationship. Here the main vision of Talentiro is to bring the concept of performance score and initiate open culture for review and feedback.

You can’t judge a person in a 15-20 minute interview.” So you need some tool which can provide you information about the knowledge, skill, performance, etc. of the candidate.

While sharing your CV, the candidate will share a link to the recruiter on which all their previous ratings will be visible to the recruiter. This is a B2B model, it’s a 360-degree performance review system where employees can take reviews from their manager, peers, clients, and subordinate.

Once you get the review you come to know employee’s performance score, the areas that need improvement, where employees are lacking, they should work to overcome, for this Talentiro has an online corporate training portal where training companies, the domain experts share their expertise and knowledge.

How did you get the idea of this startup?

Nowadays, people think every business is a startup but they don’t know the true meaning of a startup. Every startup is a business but every business is not a Startup. We started with the vision to bring some positive changes in the industry. Change is never easy for anyone but positive change is required for improvement and enhancing the standard and those who are working for change can make it large.

What is your business model?

Our Business model is very simple, we have developed a product that can be used by the organization for their process improvement, performance management, linking performance with organization branding and at the same time linking your performance for individual branding.

We have the following features in our beta version and we will live in the market by the end of December 2019

  1. 360 Degree modern employee review tool
  2. Organization review tool
  3. Corporate training.
  4. Employee recognition and engagement.
  5. Project management and task management tool and many other features as well are in the beta version.

How do you generate revenues?

We have three revenue model

  1. MRR base: From organization
  2. Event base: From Employee
  3. Commission base: From Training tie-ups.


Have you gone for any funding?

We haven’t gone for any funding from a specific angel investor or any VC yet. However, we do have funding from our core advisors, one is from Switzerland and another one is from South Africa. so I can say that we are not a funded startup from any angel investor or a VC but yeah, we have our funds from our associates who believe in this innovative concept.

Did you face any challenges in your journey?

Every day we faced different kinds of issues, different kinds of challenges but in the end, entrepreneurs are known for solving the problems and we also love to do the same as every problem comes up with an opportunity for learning.


Do you have any specific competitors?

There are two kinds of competitor i.e. Direct and Indirect.

All the review systems which provide 360-degree performance review tool an organization are our direct competitors as even we have an employee-based system and there are some indirect competitor as well who can have an interest in our business.

Do you have any suggestions for people trying to build their own startups?

Listen to everyone but do not apply everything as opinion can be different from person to person.

Do not waste time in various irrelevant events where one or two senior people come and just give you lecture on taking risks even though they have never taken any risk in their own lives, so better to take some guidance from those who actually have some experience.

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