Startup Sunday || Season 4 Episode 19 || AMIGO

Amigo is a SOCIAL SECURITY NETWORK. They help companies and people defend their online establishments and activities against any financial scams and forgeries by developing a robust and safe infrastructure for their business operations.


Mr. Amit Singh, Founder

Mr. Amit Singh, the founder was an enthusiast for Technical things.  He did many technical developments and designing projects during his college time. Despite being a college dropout, his self-belief enabled him in achieving summits of glory. He is happy to stay firm in his decisions that whatever he did was the right choice, be it giving full time to his Security domain.

Amigo comes from his friend circle. Yes, his friends, they were always helping him in all the circumstances, whether financial or technical. He was always fond of his amigos who were around him. During his college, he was fortunate enough to connect with Africans, Afghanis and Russians. They were quite supportive me towards his technical skills. The word amigo is vital for him because he knows what they did for him. His vision towards amigo is to make a friendly and secure environment for the upcoming generation to protect digital work. He wants to mark this company as a Tech Friend company where all his employees are helping and supporting technically billions of people out there who are frosted with scams and unwanted digital pop-up.

1) What exactly is the business model of amigo?

Amigo is now working on Cyber School, Cyber Police, and Digital Payment Solutions and social security. In meanwhile you can say this is what people need today. They are setting their new infrastructure that will help people do discover the genuine side of the internet and help them to get relay on Internet things. So, they are securing everything that digitally connects people and things.

2) What are the challenges that you faced while launching amigo?

He faced huge potential threats and challenges during the starting of amigo. Maybe they made him strong enough now to face any challenges and move toward his vision. Finally, all that does not kill you, make you stronger.

3) Please share something about your experience in making your own place in the market.

It’s something interesting I would like to share my view for young entrepreneurs and small business owners. The market is full of risk without a vision and mission. You can’t dig your hand in this without a proper plan. This is what that will make you one day king of your industry or maybe lead you to become looser. So, choose your path very wisely. You have potential and you can do it, but not without a plan. There are many people like you who are offering the same services and products may be on a bigger scale. But this is where exactly you need to rely on yourself and such challenges with your full potential.

Make your principles of being Honest, Creative and innovative toward yourself and your employees. You will get what you want by being real. Business never runs on any terms and conditions, it’s always run on your behavior, attitude and especially your commitments.


4) How do you differentiate and compete with your competitors?

“They are always trying to pull me, maybe backbiting me.” Sorry, but it’s not true. It has never happened to me. I always meet them with full of respect and gratitude the same they do for me. Since, my loyalty towards my vision of Amigo, I know it’s just one step away towards my vision. There is no competition, there is only my creativity and willingness fighting together to make the reality of visions.

5) What are your plans for expansion and scaling up?

I am launching soon cyber school program for more than 40000 Schools including government and private. That will help our nation to create a cyber army that can help our people to bring a new change in the digital revolution in this world.

I also have some other product with my research wing-like antivirus and digital gadgets that are coming in the upcoming launch in 2020 to protect and share data information privately and encrypted.

6) How did you fund your start-up, to begin with? What difficulties you are facing for funding your start-up?

In starting I was more worried about funding but later I realize funding is not everything you need. You need people who believe in your vision. And if your vision is to protect them you will get many sources of funding around you.

I would like to share my first funding experience, which was the worst experience of my life I never had gone through such circumstances before that time. I had lost almost 5 million from my first investor and that was the time I didn’t give up. My investor supported me in all the circumstances and enabled me to come out of it. And here I AM.

I will suggest you, that don’t run for investors and try to find an amigo for yourself, that will help in your financial planning and could be the best buddies to trust.

Infographic amigo.png

7) Is there any point in your life when you wished to give up? How did you overcome this challenge?

Yeah! Not one but there are many, each one was very crucial and more powerful from the last one. Now I am habitual of not giving up. And this word doesn’t exist in my routine life anymore.

8) In this ever-changing global scenario, starting up a new business and launching an innovative start-up is a big challenge. Please share your key learnings for the benefit of budding entrepreneurs as a person who has been there done that. 

It’s always learning for learners. The deeper you go more thrust of learning will come. Please do not confuse self-employment with entrepreneurship. Self-employment is about you. Entrepreneurship is a much higher-level activity.

Don’t be afraid of failure (though culturally, in India, it is easier said than done). We have failed more often than we have succeeded. Behind every two YES has been eight Nos’. If you must fail…fail fast…. Another way to look at it is –fail…fail…fail…until you succeed. After a failure, bounce back, hard and strong.

  • Entrepreneurship involves fundamental mismatch between resource and ambition.
  • Top line is vanity, bottom line is sanity, cash is reality.
  • Entrepreneurship is not self-employment; it is much larger.
  • People, people, people.
  • Have a differentiated idea – be distinct or extinct.
  • Focus… do less to do more.

Handle pressure!! Pressure on entrepreneurs to succeed and scale up is so intense…please handle it. Do not come under peer pressure.

There is no right or wrong age to be an entrepreneur. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg started very early; the Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken started post 60. Passion has no age. Keep yourself ready always on a mission like MAN ON MISSION.




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