StartUp Sunday || Season 4 Episode 15 || Eat My News

The world in which we live in, changes and transformation are the only constants. With globalization and liberalization setting in with the full flow, the competition has become cutthroat and fierce. In order to help our new generation, become ready for this transformation, Eat My News has come up with a disruptive solution. It provides a platform where people can upskill themselves with skill development workshops, attend youth leadership conferences and moreover, learn from the industry experts and develop skill sets that can make them industry ready.


What is Eat My News all about?

Eat My News is a community driven media platform wherein we have members from all over the world who have joined the movement to become more inspired, informed and intelligent and Eat My New offers to them student leadership programs, work experience and an opportunity to be a part of Youth Conferences, workshops and initiative that helps them to holistically develop themselves, so that they are more career ready and are able to bag in better placements and are more prepared when they go in for their job and at the same time inculcate a sense of entrepreneurial spirit in them so that it encourages them to even do something of Their Own.

So how did Eat My News start? What was Your Eureka moment?

I was in Sri. Venkateswara College, I was just like any other college student wherein I would attend classes, go home and chill with friends. But then I had to prepare for an entrance exam which I had to start reading news and I was taken through you know the backdrop and back stories of various things. I understood news in depth and you know over a year. I read it very consistently and I was following everything and over that span of time, I felt a huge change in myself. Of course, I did become more aware and informed but also I felt that I could have more conversations with people, you know to be at my dad or anyone in the Social Circle where I would step out I was very aware of thing and I could have conversations, which really made me feel very important. So I wanted to expose everybody of content in a way that they understand a lot of things because information and being aware is very powerful but along the journey, as I started building a community, I realized that we can do a lot more than in and impacting individual life in a much bigger way. And so, you know, youth leadership conference was also born from that.

What is Youth Leadership Conference?

Youth leadership conference is a Congregation of undergraduates, B-schools students and working professionals from all over the world. The whole experience, as I would put in the Peoples’ own words that Youth Leadership Conference has been very surreal and a life-changing experience. It’s very difficult for me to put it in those words. But what are these two days like, where you walk in to an unknown place with strangers on a Saturday morning and Monday morning you don’t want to leave and you call those strangers your lifelong friends. That’s what it transpires in to. In the workshop, there are various skill development workshops, a lot of professionals from different Industries who come in and train people on various skills. So that’s like a flagship conference for us.


What all challenges did you face while launching your startup?

I would bifurcate the challenges into two categories, there are these personal challenges and then there are these professional challenges, my personal challenges were getting acceptance from people for what you’re doing and getting your family to believe in it. Thankfully, my father’s been to be supportive but it was a bit of a task to convince the rest of the family to have left the stable job and then moving into a very uncharted Territory. So that was a challenge then since I spend most of my time working from home you too, and you know, you do get to become a little Lost along the way there are days that are really nice and get the CD highest but then there are days when you’re just absolutely that’s a mistake and lost so your own law mind and keeping it strong is also a challenge in terms of professional challenges. Of course, it’s about one thing is about having an idea and putting it to execution. Another is to take it to another scale. So scaling things has been a bit of a challenge and since eat my news is a completely bootstrapped organization. So, you know ensuring the finances sometimes becomes a challenge.

You told about finances and Fundings. So what exactly is the revenue model of Eat My News?

This is a sustainable community at the moment. The revenue comes through conferences and workshops only.

What are your plans for expansion?

Our short term goal is to increase our viewers and put out content which is read by a lot more people and we want to increase the scale of the conferences and workshops we hold. I don’t have a lot more life increase the membership static – it’s about doing what we do present case about continuing but doing it at a much bigger scale.

What are the key learnings from starting Eat My News which can help the budding entrepreneurs with their startups?

My journey has been full of a lot of learnings, it’s difficult for me to sum it up in a few words, but I say give it a shot. The first thing I’d like to say is that then you have to believe in what you do because your idea may not we something that others may like or feel that it may work. If you really believe in what you do, there’s no point doing anything in which your 100% belief is not there. Belief is a lot of times by contagious, it even has the power to energize the rest of the team because people will only move forward if there is a hope for a brighter future. Second would be don’t give up and be patient because it takes time. I don’t think there is anything known as an instant overnight success. We may often feel that somebody started today and you’re from now and they’re doing pretty decent but we really don’t know the backstory. I read it somewhere and it stayed with that “Every success story has at least a five year back story to it. Nothing really happens overnight.” So that’s something really important. Also, when it comes to your spending, it’s important to be wise. There are some bootstrapped Startups, some are funded Startups and one of the biggest mistakes people make is that they tend to invest in a lot of unnecessary things. I think it is very important to be very frugal with what you spend and ensure that you are spending at the right places things that will bring you growth. So that’s all I would like to advise for people who want to start up.

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