Startup Sunday || Season 4 Episode 8 || Dilocious

There are times when we crave for a particular dish from a particular place, it can be cookies from Karachi bakery, Indore’s Namkeen or Nagpur’s Soan roll, but the geographical constraint won’t let us have all of these at once. Every problem comes with an opportunity for a startup. To cater to this problem Mr. Tarang and Arpit from Aligarh came up with their Startup Dilocious.

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Dilocious serves an individual’s distant delicacy. It has a widespread network of handpicked and most renowned sellers from metros to small towns. It enables to explore and choose the best delicacy of a particular place and get it shipped directly from its place of origin to your place.

To know more about their startup, we interviewed Mr. Tarang Co-founder of Dilocious –

What is Dilocious all about?

Dilocious is a speciality food market place where all the most favourite food vendors of India can sell their food, and we are facilitating them to sell their product nationwide.

How did it start and what was the eureka moment?

The idea came up when the eatables which came to my home from my relative’s place Gujrat, cookies, and kachoris got finished. After we ended up the stock, I tried to procure them all over the web but didn’t find them anywhere. But I did find the number of the vendor and had to ask him to ship it. This moment the idea popped up in my mind to bridge this gap prevailing. Arpit was my batch-mate in engineering, I discussed this idea with him and then we both started with planning about it. In the final year, we started a pilot project for our friends and family members.Founders-of-Dilocious-1170x480

What are the major challenges that you faced?

The main challenge with us was that both the founders were from a non-tech background, none of us had any prior knowledge of coding, and getting into E-commerce without any coding knowledge was the major challenge for us.

Please tell us about your operations and sources of revenue?

We have vendors all over the country, so when the customer comes to the website, they know that whatever they order will be coming from the specific vendor only. So, when we receive an order it is directly sent to the vendor and we also notify our shipping partners that they have to pick this order from that vendor in tie-up with all the vendors. We take commissions on every sale, so this our only source of revenue for now.

Who all are your competitors and how do you differentiate yourself with them?

Yes, we do have many competitors prevailing, how we have created the difference is through the operations we have tried to decrease the product movement and other cost-cutting techniques, so this keeps our expenses side low and thus increasing our margins.

Starting up a new business in this dynamic environment is a big challenge, so what would be your key learning for the upcoming entrepreneurs?

The major key learning I would like to share with you all is to ensure that your expenses and liabilities are as low as possible, this can help you to sustain your business for long.

Written by
Harshit Ojha
PGDM 2019-21

To explore the mouth watering dishes in person visit


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