Startup Sunday|| Season 4 Episode 5|| The Buddy for your Luggage

When everyone just imagined themselves flying, 2 visionaries brought imagination into life through a whole new mode of transportation. There have been no looking back thenceforth. The elites flew first, then the white collared ones. Now no one can class tag a flight, it is for everyone. When affordability met comfortability, more and more people started to explore the world.

The burden of luggage has been a problem ever since. Another sibling pair taking this issue into consideration came up with ’Bag buddy’. Here you can share your luggage with fellow passengers and thereby reduce the monetary burden accompanying your extra luggage.

Wright Brothers got inspiration from looking at birds flying, this sibling pair Sumit Agrawal and Himank Agrawal had their epiphany, thousands of feet up in the air. Being frequent flyers the constraint of luggage always posed an issue. Many times fee imposed on excess luggage is higher than the cost of the luggage itself. Bag buddy is a flight luggage sharing app where you can save up to 70% of the fee you pay on excess baggage. On the counter side, those with less luggage can earn while they travel. At present, the app is for android users only and anyone with a smartphone can download the app from the play store.

How does this work?


The trouble of fee is mitigated. Bag Buddy charges only about 30% of the total fee levied on the extra luggage as their charges, from which about  50% goes to the carrier, about 30% of the money goes as tax charges and 20% will be the company’s revenue from this proceeding.

Their marketing plan was to mainly focus on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. and print media advertisements.

Another strategy that they had was to organize a case study competition on Dare2Compete to understand the business model, scalability, challenges, solutions etc. Saloni Garg of IMI New Delhi won the case study competition. By this way, they were able to understand the leaks in their venture and was able to increase their user base.

One big challenge they face is customs & security issues. Though they have a PNR based security checking system & ID proof verification procedure to ensure genuine users, the effectiveness of this process needs more refinement.

Despite this challenge, they are still a monopoly as no competitors are there in play.

The customer outreach they’ve gained within such a short span of 3 months since its inception is 500+, which is impressive. This pan Indian Airline service app is the one single buddy you need to think of and not the size of your luggage, while you travel.

Last but not least-

“When you focus on problems, you’ll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities you’ll have more opportunities.”

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