Startup Sunday || Season 4 Episode 02 || Sava100Crore

Seth Godin once said that marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but the stories you tell.  In the ongoing digital transformation, Video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing efforts.

In this episode of startup sunday, we interact with Mr Paritosh Sharma from Sava100Crore, a business channel that helps SME business owners in India to grow their business. Prior to co-founding Sava100Crore, Paritosh has worked with startups like Jabong, Hike, PayU etc. Following is the excerpt from the conversation:


What is Sava100Crore Business Channel?

Paritosh: Sava100Crore Business Channel is the mission to build the largest distribution channel in video for Indian entrepreneurs. We want a billion Indians to know and trust their entrepreneurs. Trust always leads to business.

ECell: How did Sava100Crore start? What was the eureka moment?

Paritosh: Sava100Crore Business Channel started because we found a need. All the media that talks about entrepreneurs in India either is too focused on funding news or they feature paid content.
But India as a country runs on trust. We are a society that does business on trust. Therefore, at Sava100Crore Business Channel, like TED Talks, we have created a format called “conversations”. These are unscripted interviews with entrepreneurs that are working hard to build value.

ECell: What exactly is your business model? What are the sources of your revenue?

Paritosh: We make money in 2 ways:

  1. Consulting – we consult other companies on video narrative design and manage their video communication
  2. Media – businesses pay us to feature on the channel


ECell: What are the challenges that you faced while launching Sava100Crore?

Paritosh: Like every entrepreneur, we also face several challenges. The greatest one though was: we had to break the notion that we are a paid media / PR company.
Slowly people understood, we are about building trust via conversations.

ECell: Please share your experience in disrupting the Media Space for the Indian MSME Sector.
Paritosh: We are here to create the largest and the most trusted distribution channel for Indian entrepreneurs. Disruption or not, we are a digital first and video only Hinglish media company. Video is the future and thanks to the easier access to smart devices and the Internet, Indians are ready to consume more video media than ever.

ECell: Who are your competitors? How do you differentiate and compete with them? Please share about the competitive landscape of Sava100Crore.
Paritosh: The only competition is we ourselves. Everyday we improve and be clear about our purpose. We will branch out into more valuable offerings for MSMEs, SMEs very soon.


ECell: How did you fund your startup to begin with? What are your plans for expansion and scaling up?
Paritosh: Self-funded. My co-founders Chirag Shah, Rahul Bhanushali and I are funding the company ourselves. Going forward we will raise some money to grow across Bharat.

ECell: You’ve had several entrepreneurial experiences in the past and have also had diverse experiences with other startups. Please share the lessons from the ‘Paritosh’ Story from pursuing MBA to exploring the Valley and then building Sava100Crore in India.
Paritosh: The most meaningful lessons from my journey till date are:

  1. Never give up
  2. If you only listen to the world around you, you will never grow
  3. Naysayers are everywhere, move on from them
  4. Be honest always. Accept failure. Move on.
  5. Respect money, especially when you’ve taken it from somebody else
  6. Never be afraid of seeing big dreams. Dreams that seem impossible
  7. There is nothing called passive income
  8. Don’t fool yourself
  9. Always question who are you, what is your larger and deeper purpose in life? Why are you here?
  10. Leave a better world for the next generation

ECell: Is there any point in your life when you wished to give up? How did you overcome this challenge?
Paritosh: I never gave up. I realized something is not working, stopped it, learnt my lessons and moved on. I will never give up. My family, my country, my fellows depend upon me.
I am clear : the one’s who give up are a burden. What makes you give up? You fail when you give up.

ECell: In this ever-changing global scenario, starting up a new business and launching an innovative startup is a big challenge. Share your key learnings for the benefit of budding entrepreneurs as a person who has been there done that.

  1. Solve important problems
  2. Don’t go by the narrative of the media. You don’t have to build a sexy business and be in the newspapers every day.
  3. Money is important. Don’t fool yourself. If you are not making money, see what’s wrong with your approach of building the business.
    – fail with speed
    – execute with speed
    – evolve / pivot with speed
  5. When you are successful, invest in others, young dreamers.

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