Startup Sunday || Season 4 Episode 01 || Easemint Advisory Service

If you speak to any entrepreneur, whether at a roadside tea-stall or at a lavish office space in a prime location of the city, the similarity that you would find in all of their stories is their struggle for fundraising. Founders would agree that getting funded at the right time is their toughest challenge. Some of them have Ivy League batches to take care of their networking and getting the perfect investors on board. But many face the issues of getting people or organizations willing to invest in their idea.

This is when Mr. Himanshu Agal and Mr. Rohit Mathuran, two highly paid management consultants from Alvarez & Marshall came forward with a significant value proposition of solving investment problems for companies in the SME segment. These two started a firm called Easemint Advisory Sevicess LLP for offering advisory services in the field of Transaction Allied Services and Strategic Consulting in the year 2016. Although new in the B2B domain, Easemint has assisted close to 70 clients in a short span of three years. Being in consulting role for close to 6 years and working for global giants like Ernst & Young and Alvarez & Marshall, these two understood that large companies have economic resources to hire Baker & McKenzie as their consultant to solve their strategic, MIS analysis and fundraising services but there was no such solution for the SME sector. There were CA firms providing audit services, there were accounting firms providing taxation services but there was no firm which provided a bouquet of services for providing end to end solutions for the budding SME segment.

That is when they came up with a business model with the main value proposition of being the “B&M” for the SME sector companies.  Easemint Advisory Services LLP identifies areas which are a matter of great concern for the management during the fundraising. Amidst fundraiser process, if these issues are not properly addressed, companies tend to lose a fundraising opportunity. Easemint helps in preparing companies for the due diligence and assisting them during this entire process so that they do not lose out on the most important factor that runs their business. So far, Easemint has worked on 12 transactions with deal size ranging from USD 500,000 to USD 50 million.

The vision statement of the company is: “To be the Baker & McKenzie for the SME sector companies”
The mission statement of the company is: “Creating a 100 people company by the end of 5-7 years”

The company positions itself in the market with two points which the founders believe justifies Easemint’s existence. They are:

  • It is a more organized and professionally driven custom consulting firm for the SME businesses.
  • Strategic, process related, and transaction related due diligence services specifically targeted at the SME sector as there is a gap to cater in this sector.


There were hurdles that the founders faced initially. Although they did not have major funding issues, the real challenge lied in changing the perception of businesses that consultants need not be a grey haired and white bearded. Being young they were often termed inexperience before they cracked a deal for an apparel company worth Rs.15,000/-. The founders believe that their USP lies in the quality of work they provide which is in tune with the Baker & McKenzie standard. Their dedication towards their clientele all throughout the project and the personal attention each customer receives directly from the head management, all make the firm grow faster. The management of Easemint is also strict in terms of following deadlines and delivering the solutions to their customers in time.


Easemint values its human capital the most and measures its success and future based on number of personnel they hire and how satisfied their personnel are. The founders believe that the success of their business is directly proportional to its work force. The more motivated the workforce – the more would be their efficiency and productivity – the more their efficiency the more business they attract, which will help the company survive in this huge yet volatile market.

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