Startup Sunday || Season 3 Episode 23 || DigitalNil- Growing Businesses Digitally



The world has seen a huge paradigm shift when it comes to marketing strategy of companies. Riding the digital wave and technological advancements around the globe, new avenues have been created through which companies are fighting for their share of digital space over the internet and mind space of the millennial youth and millions of customers surfing online. No one is ready to leave an inch when it comes to the digital marketing arena and this has boosted startups in the field of digital marketing to grow.

One such startup which is looking to revolutionize the world of Digital Marketing is DigitalNil. Ideated and Co-Founded by an electronics engineering student, Nilesh Komatwar, this digital marketing startup envisages to help businesses, especially startups grow in India. An enthusiastic individual, Nilesh not only looks to promote startups and new ventures be visible online, but also create a network which could be leveraged by the budding entrepreneurs to connect with each other and potential investors. DigitalNil in one word would act as an incubator to promote new businesses grow digitally.

This Sunday, we have the excerpts of the conversation we had with Mr. Nilesh Komatwar, CEO of DigitlNil. Nilesh is currently a third year electronics engineering student and has been involved in quite a number of startups from an early age of 18. He has had a roller coaster ride till now in his journey but every time something has come between him and his goal, he has strived hard to overcome such obstacles to launch DigitalNil successfully.


Nilesh’s Journey

            As mentioned above, Nilesh’s journey to launch DigitalNil has been through a series of highs and lows. From tasting bitterness from people all around to motivating 67 students to attend a workshop when there was a space of only 50, Nilesh has always given his all in everything he does. He learns it the hard way, but according to Nil, these failures leave scars, scars which give him a lifelong lesson and refine him to be a better version of him everyday. He believes in executing his ideas to the maximum at all times without speculating too much.

 The excerpts from the conversation are as follows:

Q. How did you start your entrepreneurship journey, what motivated you to come into entrepreneurship?

A: I entered into entrepreneurship by chance. I never dreamed about being an entrepreneur and like most of the people I kept all my hopes for a high paying job. I started my entrepreneurship journey at the age of 18 itself but due to lack of proper knowledge on how to start a business I suffered huge losses in terms of money as well as time and efforts. But the only thing that kept me moving was my curiosity to learn and try out new things every time. The only thing which motivated me to keep me moving was what I would be in the coming years or what will be my growth in the coming years or the next year? Would I be able to survive with the competition? This motivated me every time to work harder. I only believe one thing and that is execution if you are not able to execute you will never survive in the market.

About DigitalNil

Although in its nascent stage, DigitalNil had got hold of more than 15 customers in just two months and made good enough profits by just starting the business with mere Rs.400/-. The startup envisions connecting entrepreneurs and investors online along with promoting business and startups alike in the Digital Marketing space. Primarily a Digital marketing solutions entity, the mode in which it wants to differentiate from others is by being a channel to boost entrepreneurs realizes their dreams. DigitalNil believes in providing efficient service more than earning surplus revenue and this can be confirmed from the CEO himself.


Q. What is DigitalNil all about?

A:I started DigitalNil with my personal investment of 400 rupees and overall I made around 50k+ profit in just starting 2 months with 15+ clients and 4 full time team mates .So, DigitalNil is a digital marketing firm where we help entrepreneurs and startups to build and grow their business online via social media marketing ,website development, search engine optimization and paid campaigns. Apart from this I am a also a speaker where I take some sessions as well as workshops on Digital marketing .Also I consult some startups for Free of cost if they are not able to pay the charges for the given services.

I am on a mission to help 1000 student entrepreneurs to help them open an online store free of cost and supporting them in their initial journey like a co-founder does as well as connecting them with different startups as well as Investors.

Q. How do you see DigitalNil in the coming years?

A: I see DigitalNil in top 100 agencies in India in coming 7 years. I see it will provides a lot of valuable knowledge to early stage entrepreneurs globally for FREE. It will collaborate with 100+ companies make them grow digitally across the globe, once they’ll grow, I know the position I’ll into this digital market.


Opportunities and Threats of the Digital Marketing Industry

Q. What are the opportunities and challenges that the Digital Industry in India is facing now.



  1. You can work with any company/industry and at the same time build a network around it.
  2. Every company needs a marketing strategy, so if you are a digital marketer you can collaborate with lots of businesses.
  3. You don’t need to have an office or investment to start a digital marketing firm. All you need to do is to start personal branding and attend networking events. You will generate enough leads to work on.


  1. There is a lack of Digital Marketing education today.
  2. Most of the MBA colleges are not providing digital marketing training programmes.

Message to budding Entrepreneurs

I did a lot of mistakes at my early stage and I am still do. But what makes me successful today is my curiosity to learn new things and not giving up. If you are willing to learn and start executing your daily plans, no one can stop you.

A lot of people say you require a huge investment to start a business .The answer is no you don’t require a huge investment you just require the right mindset to execute .I started DigitalNil with just 400 Rupees .

My message to all aspiring and budding entrepreneurs- “Just Execute…Execute…EXECUTE..” Start to meet people, check who people sell similar products and learn from their failures. You do not need to fail again and again. Learn from the mistakes of your competitors and you’ll be a step ahead at start. Never stop learning, there might be many barriers which you will be able to cross just because of your learnings.


DigitalNil is new, but its vision and mission is unique. Imagine a platform dedicated solely to entrepreneurs where they will get mentorship, learn new things for implementation into their businesses, get promoted digitally using new age technologies of AI and Robotics and at the same time be connected to other entrepreneurs and investors at the same time. DigitalNil has promise and a will to change the entrepreneurial world. We would want them to go further into their journey and transform the world digitally.

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