Startup Sunday || Season 3 Episode 19 || (Crealth Research & Educare)

  “If you want to be rich, you need to be financially literate. People with low financial literacy standards are often unable to take their ideas and create assets out of them. We were not taught financial literacy in school. It takes a lot of work and time to change your thinking and to become financially literate.” – Robert Kiyosaki

College graduates spend 16 years gaining skills that will help them command a higher salary; yet little or no time is spent helping them save, invest and grow their money.
In this edition of startup sunday, we will cover a financial research and advisory startup, Crealth Research & Educare.

Crealth was started in March 2017 by Mr. Yash Dugar. Yash is a B.Com Honours graduate from University of Calcutta and an NISM Certified Investment Advisor. He holds a passion for stock market and has a vision to disrupt the stock market industry by spreading financial literacy around the world and providing all sorts of financial services under one umbrella. Yash also has a penchant for writing and motivating people through his motivational posts and quotes on

The Entrepreneurship Cell recently had an opportunity to interview Mr. Yash Dugar.

Following is the transcript of the interview: –

E-Cell: What is Crealth all about?

Yash: The company as the name suggests is divided into two parts: Crealth Research and Crealth Educare. At Crealth research we provide all kinds of financial services like investment consultancy, mutual funds, derivatives, currency etc. And currently we are in the process of getting SEBI registered, so, we are also looking at Portfolio Management soon. And Crealth Educare, is the financial educare arm of Crealth Research where we give classes on technical analysis derivatives and advanced technicals as well and our main motive is to spread financial literacy all over India.

E-Cell: How did Crealth start? What was the eureka moment?

Yash:  So, I started this company one and a half years ago with a vision to disrupt the stock market industry where I felt there’s a lot of opportunities and there is a lot of dearth as well in people’s minds. They think that stock market is a gamble and many people lose their money in markets where I felt that there’s a lot of opportunities. If you can follow certain rules and disciplines, you can earn a good amount of fortune in the markets.

E-Cell: What exactly is the business model of Crealth? What are the sources of your revenue?

Yash: As we are a financial firm, we earn brokerage as other firms do. But what extra we do is we educate our clients on all the trades we take, and we educate them on how to build their own investment psychology. So, as we aren’t SEBI registered yet, so we don’t charge money for this currently, but we’ll be charging fees for what advice we are giving. Plus, we make financial portfolios for our clients, so that’s also a source of revenue. And the other arm, that’s Crealth Educare, we offer online as well as offline training sessions on technical analysis and derivatives through which we generate revenues. We are also venturing into AI, that’s algorithm-based trading, which is going to shape the future of this industry.

E-Cell: Do you think age matters when it comes to entrepreneurship? What are the challenges that you faced while launching Crealth?

Yash: I started this company at the age of 20 and a lot of people told me that you are very young, and this is not the right time to do this and probably I should go back to studies like others. But I believe that starting early is the biggest advantage that I have as it gives me a lot of freedom and I can do a lot of things that I want. Ofcourse fail as well but I believe that failure is the foundation of success. So ofcourse age doesn’t matter. As early as you start, it’s better because you can explore more. So, I’d urge everyone reading this, if you have a dream of starting your own venture, start as early as possible.

E-Cell: 21-year-old entrepreneur, running a research and financial advisory firm. Sounds interesting! At the age when others young guys are going for higher studies or just chilling around, what is the driving force for you to work passionately?

Yash: I always had a passion for stock markets and I used to read newspapers and investment books since my school days. Gradually my passion for it increased & I always thought that it’s a place where, if you apply your skills, your discipline and patience then making money is not that tough and it’s a place where you can create wealth, hence the name, Crealth.

Yash regularly shares his thoughts with his network through #ydwrites posts

E-Cell: The industry in which Crealth operates is highly dominated by Chartered firms, or big renowned firms having people with rich industry experience. How do you differentiate and compete with them?

Yash: Our main USP is that we provide all financial services in one go, be it mutual funds, equity, currency or any other asset class. Moreover, we educate our clients so that they also understand where their money is getting invested and what future returns they can expect. We properly educate them about the expected returns and holding period for their investments, so the clients engage with us – something I find missing with most brokers and investment advisors. They don’t personally advice their clients well or educate them. Therefore, there is always a gap and most brokers lose their clients during times of bear runs in the market. We also keep organizing webinars for our clients where we share knowledge about what we have because I firmly believe the more you share knowledge the more you increase your knowledge.


E-Cell: What are your plans of expansion and scaling up?

Yash: We have various expansion plans currently. We have plans to expand to Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi as well but of course slowly and steadily. We’ve started giving classes not just across India, but also across the World, with students from Sweden and Dubai as well. I’m seeking like-minded people who can set up franchises in other big cities because I believe the more synergic you get, the more beneficial it is for you.

Motilal Oswal
Yash, with Mr Ramdeo Agarwal, Chairman of Motilal Oswal Group

E-Cell: Did you find any difficulties while funding your start-up? If yes, then how did you overcome it? 

Yash: People think a lot of money is required to start one’s business, but I started with 0 capital and even now I do not have any borrowed capital. You should focus on your passion, because capital is never scarce, especially if you have the right idea which can change the world or one which can solve a problem in society. For me, I noticed investors getting manhandled and a huge gap between investors and brokers. We built our USP around this gap. This keeps the client engaged and happy because they are aware of what is happening with their money. Their hard-earned money is no joke, so it’s very important to engage with them. Also, the more the engagement, the more the referrals. I have observed most of my client additions happening through referrals. Every person has their own network and if you do good to them, they will also do good to you.

E-Cell: Is there any point in your life when u wished to give up? How did you overcome this challenge?

Yash: There were lot of stages in my startup life where I considered giving up and going back to regular courses like CA/MBA. There were days when I was down, but passion and zeal are very important, especially for startups. You must learn from failures, overcome them and convert them into success. If you have confidence in yourself, do not give up and you will be able to do it. All entrepreneurs had to face a lot of troubles, they decided to overcome them, and now they have become what they are today. Never give up.


E-Cell: In this ever-changing global scenario, starting up a new business and launching an innovative startup is a big challenge. Share your key learnings for the benefit of budding entrepreneurs as a person who has been there done that.

Yash: Firstly, the ideas. Everyone has a lot of ideas, but the execution of those ideas is the biggest hurdle which we need to overcome. Your ideas should solve real world problems. If it isn’t solving any problem of the society then it won’t be that effective.
Never be afraid of the failures. There would be ups and downs but never get bogged down by them. Failures would be there definitely but if you have the belief in yourself then you’ll convert them into success. “Believe it, think it and always think big, the results will always be big.”


Some of the quotes written by Yash on


We sincerely thanks Mr Yash Dugar for taking out time from his schedule and agreeing for the interview.



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