Startup Sunday Season 3 Episode 6 (HUMhain)

Let’s face it: In such a fast-moving world where everyone is so busy and performance pressure is everywhere, we often forget small things and sometimes even the most important of the things! Imagine yourself going out on an important presentation and you reach the venue just to realize that you forgot to bring your pen drive. Another scenario where it’s your anniversary and you forgot to bring the cake for your wife (you’re already in danger). Who can possibly help you in no time?

HUMHain is the name!

Three years back, a boy who observed these scenarios, got a small idea which then got converted into a business model called ‘HUMHain’. Their tagline goes like this “Deliver anything from anywhere”, which itself explains the very motives of the company.

humhain for blog

So recently Entrepreneurship cell had the privilege to interact with the man behind HUMhain.

2015 was the year when Milind Kwatra, 23, who belongs to Ludhiana, and also the founder and CEO at HUMhain, began the very journey of entrepreneurship with the introduction of HUMhain. Milind is a young, calm and confident man with a vision. The company also includes 2 co-founders – Hardik Dutta and Arsh Narula.

Milind started the business initially with a plan of offering pick-up and delivery services only for groceries.  When asked about what was the starting point, Milind explained how they manage everything when they didn’t have much of the manpower and due to which all the partners would go out and provide the pickup and drop services on their own. But with the increasing demand, it moved on to add several other verticals.

The notion of HUMhain:

The idea of starting a delivery business struck Milind during one of his GMAT classes and he immediately decided to listen to the calling of his heart. No more GMAT classes, the idea of an MBA dropped- he decided to put his mind and heart into a business plan that was roughly drafted on the backside of a handout.  Always keen on doing something that could have a huge impact on the people, the structure of pick-up and delivery business aligned perfectly with his goals and aspirations.

He was so quick and impatient in implementing his idea that HUMhain was started within 7 days itself. Perhaps, he was very quick in realizing the sad pick-up and delivery market scenario in his city and rightly understood the time was now or never.


That was the time when the company would get 5-10 orders a day, but with sheer dedication, they kept growing; today there are more than 300 orders that get placed in one single day. Also, they have now expanded the business from just Ludhiana to 3 other cities, namely Amritsar, Chandigarh, and Jalandhar.

Milind also shared his views on the difficulties that the company had been facing. He feels influenced by what Masayoshi Son, CEO of Softbank once stated as a theory about start-ups that in every country, start-up period is of a few years. It starts with a bang and after 5-6 years, the peak point is touched and then, the saturation point arrives. Milind says,”So when we started, India had already reached the period where start-ups were in the phase of downfall. We faced a lot of problems related to funds and after all this was tackled, there was a time when we were facing negative feedbacks and people were unhappy with our services, but at the end of the day, we were and still are passionate about what we do, and we hold a vision, a vision to help others, and this is also the real motive behind HUMhain, that is to make people realize that there is always someone to help them out when no one else possibly can”.



After setting his business in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, he is now looking for a bigger picture. He is working on a business model name “wegotcha’’ where he will work as a platform between the various organizations and students. Under this project, a student can get work in his/her free time from some other party. For example, a student having free time of an hour can utilize it by going for a dog walking or babysitting. Eventually, it will benefit the society by serving both the parties.

Well, now Milind’s advice to young upcoming (or struggling) entrepreneurs -There’s a dark side of the entrepreneurship as well where you will feel like giving up. But if you have a vision and are passionate about something, then there’s nothing that can stop you from growing. Because you are the best version of yourself.

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