Startup Sunday S3 Episode 5 ( Parallax Labs)

Everyone of us have dreamt of a world of our own in our childhood. But as we grow we are made to realise what reality is. Now what if the reality becomes the way we want it? Sounds interesting? Parallax is doing the same!


This is the era of scientific advancements where nothing is impossible.  You name a thing and the brilliant minds are there to offer you the same. In the same line, the concept of virtual reality and augmented reality came into picture.


Young minds are the hub of amazing ideas and they possess the ability to make it happen.

Parallax is one such example, a Mumbai based Start-up by the spirited team of three young and dynamic persons from different domains with the vision to empower the industry with breath taking immersive technologies

Krupalu Mehta

Jayesh Kolte

Vivek Surve

As the name defines itself according to physics, it’s the difference in vision from different point of view. Moving in the same direction, Parallax came up with an idea to provide end to end solution in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 Video, Immersive experience and Interactive Technologies.

Virtual Reality

In schools we have been taught that there are five senses but the fact is there are a lot more than that e.g., the sense of balancing. These five senses are the obvious ones. The world we perceive is the combination of the sensory information and our brains’ sense making mechanism of that information. It stands to reason then, that if  you can present your senses with  made-up information, your perception  of reality would also change in response to it. That means virtual reality entails presenting our senses with computer generated virtual environment that can be experienced and explored in some fashion.

Technically, Virtual Reality is the computer generated three dimensional environment which can be interacted with by a person.


Augmented Reality

This is a technology which combines the virtual world and the real world thus enhancing the things we see, hear and feel. It is a mixed reality spectrum between virtual world and real world.

Targeted Industries

At the peak of its hype, VR/AR have created a buzz right from the social media to entertainment, medicine and where not. Virtual reality is a boon not only for entertainment purposes but also for the fields like medicine and astronomy where risky practices are involved and taking risks in virtual scenario makes the practice easier and safer. The main targeted zones by Parallax are:




Military and Space

Real Estate


Parallax is successfully involved in developing devices for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, OSVR, Google Cardboard, Gear VR, Microsoft Hololens, Google daydream.

Latest Projects of Parallax

Currently Parallax in working with Elmach which has created a revolution in the pharmaceutical Pharma Industry by being the first Pharma  Packaging Company in the world to have Mixed Reality as a full time work environment panacea. From Ordering Spare Parts for their Machines to Monitoring Real-Time  Data, Elmach provides it’s  clients with a state-of-the-art technology to resolve the different industry problems. With the endless opportunities of mixed reality in future, Parallax has already taken a step forward to be the market leader.


The ISRO Exhibition

Parallax, along with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) – Space Applications Center, exhibited at the KJSCE Mumbai’s Abhiyantri 2016. Approximately, 500+ visitors were delighted by an immersive experience of a Virtual Reality ride of India’s first Manned Mars Mission and a near to real Virtual Solar System Experience.

Parallax also has setup a VR experience at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition, Ahmedabad, where around 200-300 students get to experience VR every day.

Parallax has emerged as an astonishing example of how a team of few people coming together for a common goal can make a difference to the existing world. Entrepreneurs need to keep their antennae high to sense the new technologies in market and make the best use of it.

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