The world today has transformed into a ‘Technology Era’. Technology is on a ride and has enabled progress in all fields. Technological revolution has changed the face of lives of people bringing healthcare, information and connectivity to even the most remote areas that were hereto isolated.

Social media gives us an opportunity to connect in a very personal and meaningful way with the customers. This allows us to respond quickly to customer support issues, share and praise compliments about the company, and provide offers to people who are going out of their way to show company support. A survey was conducted, wherein it was perceived that social media is primarily useful within a business as a promotional tool (90%), for tasks such as advertising and marketing, as well as an outreach tool (86%)

With technology growing by leaps and bounds, the role of media in the field of entrepreneurship is immense. Media plays an important part in the development and promotion of entrepreneurial spirit in India. So, this Startup Sunday let’s take a look at the role of the new age media in enhancing entrepreneurship.



 Very recently Google has launched a “Women Entrepreneurs Initiative in India”, Google has named it as “WEOW” project. It aims to provide a more prominent online presence for women entrepreneurs in India and it starts with building a foundation on the Web, catalyzing collaborations and ultimately connecting them with customers. Women were true entrepreneurs who were not afraid to try new things, yet many were unaware of various products that can be used to leverage the full potential of the Internet. It is the large number of women entrepreneurs in India who made it a natural decision for the Google Company to take this initiative in India. This initiative has registered several domains in the opening moth of the project, it will built around a community of women-run businesses (or businesses who have at least a female co-founder) to provide collaborative learnings covering various web technologies, engaging with customers, promoting business and optimizing the online space.


FaceBook is a very popular social networking website in all around the world. Millions of internet users log on to FaceBook every day. The information stored in the profile of each user can help to target suitable customers. When a user of FaceBook logs in to his or her account, he or she can see the different products advertisements, at the same time it also show the user the list of his or her friend or friends who have liked the product or service. When we click on the particular product logo it connects us to the website, where we can buy the product with different payment options.

Facebook page builder:

Entrepreneurs can build a free business page. It is easy with the Facebook page builder facility. Entrepreneurs can view statistics from the insights tab. Facebook ensures professionalism and monitors how many users have viewed, interacted and commented on your page. Entrepreneurs have to make sure his or her page is public, it will help in promoting and advertising to millions of users.


Technology allows us to be up to date with current events. Twitter gives us the edge on the latest news reports and celebrity sightings. Entrepreneurs can set up a Twitter for Business account and spread the word about their business with short tweets of 140 characters. Millions of users will see their public tweet and if interested, they will become “followers” of their business.

 Own Business Websites:

There are many website designing companies who design websites for the individual business man, company and even for Government. Entrepreneurs can start their own website and can receive the order from the customers. It enables the entrepreneurs to provide the prompt delivery of products and services. Following are the list of some popular websites who helps in creating business websites: Godaddy website, Ipage,,, Network solutions, Bluehost, Fatcow, Hub

Online Training to Entrepreneurs:

There are few websites exists in India who give online training to the new and promising entrepreneurs and give them an opportunity showcase their talent and motivate them on the entrepreneurial path, for example:,

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