Startup Sunday Season 2 Episode 15 (IndiSpice)

Indian Spices are the most sought after given their exquisite aroma, texture and taste. The Freshness and aroma is lost due to long supply chains and no easy way existed to get the finest spices directly from the Indian market.

Well, the wait ends here!

This Sunday we bring to you a story of a team who chose to provide the world with the finest Indian Spices directly from farms and plantations!!



logo indispice



E-Cell: What was the idea behind IndiSpice?

Neeraj: Traditional spice route is a long one, beginning in farm and involving multiple middlemen. It takes between 6-8 months for spices, once produced to reach the consumer. No one seems to have stopped to ask why!

We chose to ask questions.

IndiSpice is founded to rediscover the age old spice route of India. As India is the largest spices & herbs producer and Indian spices are globally sought-after, we deliver fine and fresh Indian spices to the world sourced directly from the partner farms & plantations across India. We did away with the long supply chain, reducing it from five stages to two. We’ve become the single link between producers and a global consumer base.. The happy consequence is a better price for much better spices.


E-Cell: How has your startup journey been so far?

Neeraj: The journey so far has been a challenging one as we are doing something out of the box using cross-border e-commerce and working closely with farmers across India. Being young and passionate we face new challenges daily and overcome them with problem solving attitude.Being a start-up you wake up to new challenges daily which makes the journey exciting.Building a ground team which works closely with farmers to source the finest produces , managing the day to day operations, securing funding, to scaling up to delivering worldwide , it becomes a roller coaster ride for the founders and the core team .Once a team of dedicated individuals start working on any Idea, it evolves day by day and becomes reality; all you need to do is start working right now.

E-Cell: Where did you get your initial funding from?

Neeraj: We secured our first funding as a seed fund from an angel investor by pitching the idea. It was the most challenging part of the journey.We secured our second round of funding 6 months after seed funding from another angel investor. It was our vision & Team work that made it possible.

E-Cell: What is the Business Model that IndiSpice follows?

Neeraj: Our business model is vertical integration of sourcing, branding distribution, eradicating the involved middlemen in long and inefficient supply chain of Indian spice trade.We have become the single link between farms/ plantations and global spice consumers

Traditional Spice Route


Single Link Spice Route


E-Cell: What are the legal aspects that you have to cater to and how do you deal with them?

Neeraj: As India is a new entrant in cross-border e-commerce we deal with many legal issues while delivering globally, we have to take care of customs, food safety norms of destination countries, licensing etc. Here in India we have to work as per the registrar of company’s law, Fssai compliance’s and brand guidelines. We work with CA’s, CS’s and lawyers to deal with legal issues in day to operations.

E-Cell: What does the road ahead look like for IndiSpice?

Neeraj: Currently investing in providing the best quality products with farm fresh approach to its consumer base, IndiSpice aims to expand its horizons. Product managing team at IndiSpice has recently introduced an innovative product line called “ Spice Gift boxes” – A theme based spice gifting concept and working on 4 different categories “spiced Drinks”, “blends” “spice extract oils” & “kitchen accessories”. Also focused on providing services like “IndiSpice Blog” ,“IndiSpice recipe” and “Global smart delivery system” to the consumers, IndiSpice is planning to introduce more services like “iSubscribe” “chef Support” & “my Taste ” leveraging data science  to know the food lover’s taste, needs & cooking habits, hence providing personalized monthly subscription packages, live chef support, and letting the users create their own recipe according to their subjective tastes with the help of a vast network of chefs, will be an added bonus to all!

E-Cell: How do you advise people to cope with their anxiety for launching a product in the market?

Neeraj: My advice is, first understand whether your product is solving an existing real problem or not. Until you find out, iterate it, work on it, you will not be able to know how the market works. As I said no idea is perfect, ideas evolve when we start working on them. So don’t be in a hurry to launch it, first test it on the target market with the target customers. Once you get the market validation, launch it and keep working on it, iterate according to customer feedback and it will evolve.



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