Startup Sunday Season 2 Episode 10 (Wandertrails)

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

A Sneak Peak into the Journey

“INCREDIBLE INDIA”- its not a phrase; its an emotion, an unparallel experience to be explored. India offers a different aspect of her personality- exotic, extravagant, elegant, eclectic- to each traveler to the country. At Wandertrails, they help you choose that particular experience which will shape your vision of the country.

Bangalore based tech travel startup, started in July 2016, is the brain child of Vishnu Menon, Sruti Ramesh Chander and Pranav Kumar (graduates from IIM-Calcutta), Narayan Menon and Hari Gangadharan (industry veterans).


Finding bespoke experiences for travelers and helping them capture the flavors of the destination is Wandertrails’ goal. Wandertrails has helped over 5 million travelers in India experience the real India by partnering with individuals across the country to craft the unique trip through local experiences. Wandertrails is present in 48 cities with 57 employees and 4178 partners.

The Inception

The inception of the idea happened when Sruti, Co-founder and COO of Wandertrails, found it extremely difficult to provide a real rather than a ‘touristy’ experience of Kerala to her wedding guests. The key to their business is providing today’s urban population specifically curated and authentic but time efficient experience.

Business Model and Growth

With less than 40 lakhs in investment, Wandertrails focused on reaping benefits of the untapped resources of India’s wanderlust being. Primarily a B2C company supplemented by a B2B model the company focuses on corporates, team outings, employee programs and corporate getaways.

While keeping in mind the curated experience the technological backbone of the company ensure smooth transactional flows. The platform solves supplier and content delivery pain points very effectively and ensures unmatched user experience.

In February 2017, earlier this year, Wandertrails raised $1 million in seed investment from Earlsfield capital firm. The founders said in a press statement that they are going to use the new capital to expand its services across the country and build more products.

Nothing ever becomes Real till Experienced

The Wandertrails team believes that customer experience makes their company stand out. From the moment a query is generated, Wandertrails assigns a brand experience manager, who is a location specialist, and ensures that every query, concern or clarification is answered and solutions provided.

The team believes this helps to retain a human and friendly touch for the entire trip, ensuring customer delight. Wandertrails also has a special concierge service for foreign in-bound travelers and NRIs to fine-tune the itinerary to the last detail. This is backed up with robust customer support.

The Future Map

With an increasing number of travelers looking at unique experiences, thrill of adventure and offbeat accommodation in their travel and with rising demand from city dwelling population for activities that can be explored on a day to day basis, people are looking at an easy to use, exquisitely designed platform like Wandertrails to address their needs on an on-demand basis.

Meraj Alam, Managing Partner, Earlsfield said, “We believe this is the next iteration in travel and we are very positive they are building a strong business with great fundamentals.”

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