Startup Sunday Season 2 Episode 8 (InstaGo)

” Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets because to travel is to live! “

Hello Folks!

Planning to go somewhere this Sunday and tired of shuffling between travel apps?

Don’t know what your ride will cost or if there is a quicker option nearby?

Whether you need a taxi, an auto, a bike, a car rental or just information about public transit stops, fares and time tables, InstaGo has it all!!

The all-in-one travel app is here!!



E-CELL: What is InstaGo all about?

NAKUL: InstaGo allows the user to compare all modes of travel from one destination to the other on various parameters like duration, price and ETA. The customer is able to see all options available and can choose the desired mode of transport without having to shuffle between multiple applications. This allows customers to save both time and money. Currently, it is operating the intra-city version and will extend the concept to inter-city as well.


E-CELL: How did InstaGo come to reality?

NAKUL: On a trip to Sydney in 2015, I took a cab ride which cost me $60 to reach the destination but $25 on my way back. This got me thinking.

InstaGo was found primarily due to the irascibility born out of the inconvenience that I faced on this trip in Sydney to find out the quickest and cheapest way to reach a destination.


E-CELL: What made you step out of Google into the world (of Entrepreneurship) which in itself is no less than a roller coaster ride?

NAKUL: I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug back in college where I was a part of the Entrepreneurship Cell, just like the one you have in your college. Anmol and I we tried our hands in different entrepreneurial fields and later our love for entrepreneurship got us together to start InstaGo. We were lucky to find our calling relatively early.


E-CELL: What were the impediments that you faced while setting up a base for InstaGo?

NAKUL: The biggest challenge was that this line of business did not exist. There were only a few players and we were one of them. We also had to acquire data, which was dynamic and completely accurate, from various partners. Initially, it was daunting to convince suppliers but we somehow managed to demonstrate a full proof plan and crack successful deals which were beneficial for both parties.

The main concern then was to convince the world that a new product in a new category is coming into the picture and they need to participate to make it grow.


E-CELL: What is the unique selling proposition of InstaGo?

NAKUL: Localisation is our unique selling proposition. We obviously cannot outdo a Google Maps on technology or Ixigo on brand value. InstaGo is bootstrapped so far. We don’t believe in throwing money to buy users as it leads to poor customer loyalty


E-CELL: What is more important: Great marketing or Great innovation?

NAKUL: Both are at par. This is mainly because you cannot have one without the other. Innovative products which are backed by clever marketing can do wonders. We are refining our strategy on the same and working with a focused approach on both these aspects mentioned above


E-CELL: The best and worst memory while setting up InstaGo

NAKUL: The best memory is when the CEO of Ola emailed us at 2:38 AM stating his intent to partner.

We don’t have the worst memory because we feel that it all contributes to something good in the end. We strongly believe in either we win or we learn.

E-CELL: Looking at the future of travel apps, what would be your suggestion to budding entrepreneurs?

NAKUL: Applications of the future need to be lighter. I personally feel that the UI-UX will play a big role in this regard as the products are now becoming more complex. A consumer can only download a few apps on the phone, as the storage is an issue. Hence, light and quick applications will have a competitive edge.


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