Startup Sunday Season 2 Episode 7 (Anushree Malhotra)

“Fashion is Art and you are the Canvas”. Fashion is not what you wear but how you carry yourself.

Hello Folks, bored of your black and white life- from black and white suits to black and white books, it’s time to add colour in your life. This lazy Sunday will be a lot more happening and colourful for you. Presenting to you the story of a fashionista, Anushree Malhotra from Kolkata. She has made a mark in the City of Joy as a fashion designer. After winning the love of Tollywood actresses like Indrani Halder and Paoli Dam, Anushree is all set to conquer greater heights.



E-Cell: Every journey marks a beginning. How did your journey begin?

Almost 15 years in creating fashion now. Having passed out from INIFD I did freelancing with Weekender and PRAPTI. Then started designing for export houses. Very soon it became a monotonous job and soon afterwards started to customise designing as a label.

E-Cell: What is fashion according to you?

Fashion according to me is an extension of one’s personal style, quotient and personality. Fashion is not about the trend in the market but is about you and how you stand out. It is very important to wear what you are comfortable in since fashion is all about how well you carry yourself.

E-Cell: What are your strengths and how do they help you in your career?

I am a confident woman and extremely focused on what I want to do in life and to achieve it I work towards it without any rest. Having a good eye for materials, strong drawing skills together with high creativity keeps me on the front foot all the time.

E-Cell: You are a successful designer, running a fashion store. Can you tell us as a woman, how difficult was it getting here?

If you want something with full dedication and sincerity and if you love your dream, nothing can stop you in achieving it. It is true that it was not an easy sailing for me, but every hurdle I crossed was a lesson for me.

E-Cell: Being a fashion designer how do you take criticism? Give an example.

I feel that criticism always helps one to grow and thrive and I personally take criticism in a good stride as I feel it always makes you more perfect in the work I am doing. For instance, when I started this venture, my packaging was not so immaculate. But once a client cum friend pointed this out to me and after that, I now pay a lot of attention in the packaging of my products.

E-Cell: You design for both men and women. How experimental are men about fashion nowadays?

Men’s fashion is equally important nowadays, as men are becoming more cautious about the way they dress. They now add cuts and colours to their wardrobe, which was once considered too bold or even boring.

E-Cell: What do you enjoy the most working in a team environment?

Team environment helps me to exchange ideas, broader avenues and there always exists a sense of positivity working in a team. Being a happy go lucky person, team work is something I enjoy and love to do.

E-Cell: Apart from clothing what are the other products you create?

Apart from clothing and apparel, I am also into making handmade jewellery, bags and home décor.

E-Cell: What are your great achievements till now?

Whenever I do good work, it’s an achievement in itself and I feel happy when it’s accepted.

E-Cell: As a lady entrepreneur, what advice would you give to all those women who are struggling to make their stand in the society?

As a lady entrepreneur, I would ask all women to be focused in whatever she is dreaming or striving to become. If you dream and work hard towards it, it’s bound to happen and no odds can beat you.

E-Cell: What’s next?

I’m coming up with a few exhibitions,  including a government event, Dastkar, in New Delhi. There are a few other projects in the pipeline.


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