Startup Sunday Season 2 Episode 6 (Cafe MojoJojo)

It’s a Sunday morning! Got to catch up with friends after a long week? Going out to celebrate? Going out for a change to escape the mundane food in mess? For all the foodies, a café is a perfect spot!

This Sunday we bring you the story of a start-up which caters to everyone looking for an experience with good food. We bring an exclusive interview of Mr Praneet Vajpayee, founder of the best rated café in Bhopal – Café MojoJojo.


E-Cell: Who was Praneet Vajpayee before Café MojoJojo?

I am a small town, chilled out guy who finds happiness in little things in life. I graduated in engineering from MANIT– Bhopal. Then worked in two different niche consulting firms for three years. I am a chess enthusiast who also loves trekking. And the café hasn’t changed me much.


E-Cell: From an engineer to an entrepreneur, how did the transition happen?

I never really perceived myself as an engineer. This is the reason why the first job I took after engineering was very non-technical in nature. It was a pharmaceutical based consultancy firm where I worked as a business associate. The motive was always to start a cafe of my own! And there is no sincere love than the love of food!


E-Cell: What inspired you to start a cafe?

Inspire is a very heavy word for me. The actual reason is the café gave me a really good package deal. It gives me the freedom of doing what I love. I don’t have to apply for leave to go for trekking anymore. Being a single child, it allows me to stay near my parents. It was an irresistible offer!


E-Cell: Why the name Café ‘MojoJojo’?

MojoJojo brings back a sense of nostalgia and connects well with the target customers which is the young school or college going students.

On a lighter note, as a kid I hated The Powerpuff Girls! MojoJojo is the number one archenemy of The Powerpuff Girls! And an enemy of your enemy is a friend! 😀


E-Cell: What is the USP of Cafe MojoJojo?

MojoJojo is Home! It’s a very cozy and free place where one can be oneself. People are free to do whatever they want to do. They can just relax with friends or read a book. They can write something if they want to or they can just talk. They can change their own music or compete with friends over board games. At the same time they are fed with absolutely wonderful feast!

We keep coming up with special off-the-menu dishes according to the needs and changing seasons. And then there’s ME! (with a laugh) People have the opportunity to interact with me along with the delicious food and ambience!


E-Cell: What made Café MojoJojo the best rated café on Zomato in Bhopal?

Zomato rating is the true reflection of the love Mojojojo has received from his creators and his patrons. Mojojojo may or may not be the best café in Bhopal. We have a long way to go when it comes to diversifying and making the service more efficient.


 E-Cell: What are your future plans regarding the café?

It may become a franchise model though I am not very sure about it. But I am sure that MojoJojo will always be home and will continue to cater the customers with lip smacking food and fun filled experience!

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