Startup Sunday Season 2 Episode 3 (Educorp Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.)




Start-ups have become integral units of our modern society. It is so deep rooted and obvious in the present world that life without it would be tough. You might not agree? Let us imagine a day of your life without start-ups- no inshorts, no cab services, no recharge from mobile, no social networking, and no professional links. Sounds tough. Isn’t it?  This Sunday we bring you the story of one such start-up which renders services to students in style. We bring an exclusive interview of Mr Amit Hans from Educorp Consultancy Private Limited.

E-Cell: How was Amit Hans as an individual before Educorp?

I was a regular individual like anyone of you, completed my graduation and went for MBA from IMI New Delhi (2000-2002). I shared a common MBA goal of getting placed in a reputed company and was happy to get a chance to work with Asian Paints (my dream company). I worked there for one complete year but then something changed.

E-Cell: Changed in what way? Please elaborate

I realised my inclination towards the education industry. One thing that made a difference was I never gave it a second thought and followed my passion to start teaching in a reputed coaching centre of India. My dedication paid off and in a matter of 4 years became the North India Head of the Institute.  I was the youngest manager with responsibilities in that institute.

E-Cell: From MBA to teacher to an Entrepreneur, how did the thought process happen? 

The managerial position was a reward but soon it started hurting me. I was back to the same place where  I was 4 years back i.e. away from my training room, my students, my sessions. This is when  I met Sumit Khanna a fellow colleague there and things idea crept up .

E-Cell: Idea? Any specifics regarding how Educorp was born?

That itself is an interesting story. It all began with an informal discussing  about the appraisal system and how Sumit was a victim to it. Sumit ended up saying the four golden letters “Apna shuru kare kya”? There was no turning back,we did an evaluation of pessimistic, optimistic and realistic scenarios. Once we were confident about dealing with the pessimistic scenario we were good to go.

E-Cell: What were the Marketing strategies you adopted in initial years and how is it different from your current marketing strategy?

Amit: Did our teaching experience help? Yes it did, we were well connected and had built a reputation in the education sector. That led to a smooth start which is critical for any  start-up. We used some unique positioning like ‘The Best thing to happen to Cat Aspirants’. We introduced a one to one grooming of individuals rather than the general way of teaching for all. We believed in quality rather than quantity or batch size thus limiting batch size to 100.

Currently we do not put any extra effort for commercial marketing as we have built a strong base of Educorpians and word of mouth brings a lot of business to us today.

E-Cell: What distinguishes  Educorp from existing players in this market?

Amit: Today, while everyone is busy competing we are far away from niche products and conventional practices. There are just two factors that are paramount to us:

  • Respect for our team members
  • Respect for our client

And this is our point of differentiation.

E-Cell: What are you Future Plans?

Amit: We are going to stick with preparation courses for CAT only because of our affinity to logical thinking.

Though we have recently come up with Educorp Trainings which deal in the ambit of Corporate, College and Schools so that we could help the students to bridge the gap between institutionalized studies and Corporate Culture.

E-Cell: What would you suggest to young Entrepreneurs and what according to you is stopping them from starting their own business?

Amit: I would suggest only one thing to young entrepreneurs. Work with utmost diligence be it your own start up or any other job. There is a joy of personal learning involved in whatever you do. If you are confident and follow your passion discarding all pessimistic influences, you will be able to handle all the curbs and impediments that come your way.

E-Cell: Thank you for giving us your precious time. We wish you all the best for all your future endeavors.




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