Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 25 (Most Wanted Entertainments)

We at Entreprene1urship Cell firmly believe each and every one is an entrepreneur in one
way or the other. As startup Sunday reaches its last episode of season 1, we bring you the story of a person who recently made revenue out of his business model. The way he scaled his hobby into a money generating YouTube channel is impressive. Mr. Maheshwaran from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu , is the proud owner of Most Wanted Entertainments,  a venture that started with a simple animation video on whatsapp.

It was fortunate to have a word with this budding entrepreneur. Given below are the chat transcripts with Mr.Maheshwaran :

Ecell : What motivated you to start this venture?

Mahesh: We began as Most Wanted Pictures which made funny videos about my friends in my undergrad.  My crew (My classmates) started to work on some short films that were shot on a normal mobile camera. After graduating, MW Pictures went inactive since my friends had different job locations. I started my career as a Web & Graphic Designer in my hometown. I liked the song ” Yenai Maatrum Kadhalae ” from a Tamil movie. I decided to make a simple animation which would involve just whatsapp emoticons. I called it the “Whatsapp version” of that song.Wunderbar Films, a film production company owned by Actor Dhanush, recognized my efforts and added my video to their official YouTube channel.

Ecell : Did you make revenue out of this Whatsapp Version songs?

Mahesh: There were no monetary benefits associated with doing a “Whatsapp version” of a song. The whole attempt was just for fun. I was motivated by the comments that I received. They encouraged me to work on different songs and some of them even suggested songs to which they would like to have a “Whatsapp Version”.

Ecell : How good was the recognition from celebrities?

Mahesh: In one word – huge. Music Director Anirudh and Director Vignesh Shivan had tweeted about my work and shared my video on their respective Twitter pages.I was contacted by director Deeraj Vaidy, a Tamil movie director, who requested me to work on one of the songs from his movie which I accepted. But unfortunately Chennai floods happened and the whole idea was dropped. Indeed a huge opportunity loss for me.

Ecell :  Can you briefly tell us about the current business that MWE is into?

Mahesh:  After witnessing the huge response for my previous videos, I was motivated to enhance the “Whatsapp Version” songs. I worked on enhancing the quality of animation and released an animated version during my next upload. That’s when I was approached to make an animated video for a couple’s marriage in Singapore. They were surprised after hearing my quotation as it was, perhaps, the least expensive deal they ever did. The animated versions also would create an impact with soothing music that they love. I wanted to make a video that the couple would cherish forever.

Ecell : How are you planning to scale this business?

Mahesh : I already have a couple of new clients who were impressed by watching this video which I posted on my Youtube channel. I’m trying my level best to bring out exact natural movements and expressions in 2D animation. And in the near future, my works will be in 3D.

Ecell: Are you planning to make this your permanent source of income?

Mahesh: This can be one of my permanent business. My passion is to become a movie director, and I’m working on it. As of now I’m doing a dual job of working as graphic designer in a MNC and as an animator in MWE.I am all alone now without any partners or employees. My colleagues are very much interested in my business. I think I’ll team up with them in the near future.

 Ecell : How did you acquire the technical knowledge on animation ?

Mahesh: Multimedia (Photoshop & Flash) was one of the electives that I opted for from my University Syllabus. I was very passionate about learning the basics of animation. I was appreciated by Mr.A.C.Sounthararaj, who was the class tutor and also the faculty for Multimedia in my college for working beyond the syllabus. I think my videos are more touching and humorous than technically sound.

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