Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 21 (Tracxn)


There are thousands of people looking for opportunities to invest in startups, though the amount they are not willing to invest too much but a good enough amount to leverage the startup with the much-wanted start. Tracxn works towards developing a symbiotic relationship between startups, investors and VCs.

Tracxn Technologies Private Limited is a financial technology company founded in 2012 by Abhishek Goyal, former VC at Accel Partners and also the founder and CEO of Urban and Neha Singh, former VC at Sequoia Capital. The mission of the company is “to build the largest team of Analysts tracking start-ups globally for Venture Capital and Corp Dev”. The company describes itself as “Bloomberg + Gartner for startups information”.

The company offers feeds which are curated lists of startups in highly investible sectors like SaaS, Internet, Mobile, Marketplaces, HealthTech, AdTech, EdTech, and FinTech; and startup database. The company serves enterprise infrastructure and applications, technology, consumer, retail, gaming, fintech, healthtech, life sciences, edtech, mobile, auto, adtech, energy, telecom, media and entertainment, food, agriculture, investment industries in India, China, Europe, and South East Asia. It captures all digital footprints about startups and combines it with human curation to provide an information platform for private market investors and decision makers.

Tracxn differentiates itself from competitors by helping clients by first understanding the market before looking at individual companies. Although Tracxn is a young company, its startup database is the largest covering around 10 million companies and that’s almost 50 times larger than other startup databases globally. Tracxn adds around fifty new startups to its database every day.

In April 2015, the firm raised 3.5 million$ of Series A funding from SAIF Partners and in June 2015, it received 10 million$ of Series B funding from Flipkart founders. The company has raised a funding from Ratan Tata, and also from a group of angel investors, including former UIDAI chairman Nandan Nilekani, Aarin Capital co-founder Mohandas Pai, WhatsApp vice-president Neeraj Arora and Junglee co-founder Anand Rajaraman, among others.

tracxn        Tracxn founders Abhishek Goyal and Neha Singh along with Mr. Ratan Tata.

Tracxn has offices in the US and Bengaluru. It has grown its customer base by 400% in the past year and its clientele includes distinguished names like Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia, SoftBank, Google Capital, VMWare, GE, LG, BMW, Target, Vodafone and Bosch, and VC firms Andreessen Horowitz, NEA and Lightspeed.

In a recent post, Tracxn stated that they currently have around 6,432 paid users across the globe and are currently tracking 25 million companies.

“Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts” -Albert Einstein.


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