Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 20 (Voonik)

Voonik, began as a Personal styling design application invoonik-e1465214294881stead of another apparel store. Inside no time from its dispatch it consumed another room in the e-commerce skyline, giving some uniqueness in their startup unlike some big players

Idea behind Voonik’s existence was to let a woman or a girl customer have her own online personal shopping assistant, who will ensure that the dress suits her and also well within her price range.

The deep-rooted custom of taking your companion on shopping to help your selection has now being replaced by this application. Through this application a woman customer can straightforwardly do her shopping or she can give a few sources of info like body shape, skin tone, tallness and individual style to give Voonik a chance to prompt a few dresses for her. Isn’t it a new way of shopping experience where most of the online shopping websites offer filters by price range, color or discount but this app does it by your body shape, height and Skin tone.
Voonik has been co-founded by Sujayath Ali and Navaneetha Krishnan in January 2013 with an investment of 40 lakhs. Sujayath Ali is the mind behind Voonik.

Voonik has its commercial center where retail locations enlist and show case their items. In straightforward, it brings numerous online stores into a solitary truck. It has 1000 or more brands with 5 lakh items from more than 100 stores like Jabong, Snapdeal, Fashionara, Fashionandyou, Yepme, Zovi and so forth. A group of six trained stylists work all day and continue prescribing the sort of garments which suit the customer. It is controlled by an in-house individual shopping stage that makes proposals to customers in light of their profile and inclinations. Voonik charges the brand or the vendor a 15 per cent commission on every sale. It does its deliveries with a third-party logistic partner.

Voonik runs their service as a ‘personalization-on-steroids platform’. Their image search technology is being developed by Mad Street Den an artificial intelligence and computer vision startup based in Chennai which has built a cloud-based platform MADStack. MADStack contains several modules, including object recognition, gesture recognition, emotion recognition and many more powering a wide range of applications and verticals. This enables them to recognize several aspects of a consumer’s experience across physical and digital spaces.

This company is in big plans at taking on board offline boutiques and launching chat-based features. At present the application is gone for offering proposals to the clients, yet are not ready to visit with the beauticians. Sujayath Ali in late official statements said they are taking a shot at Chat based component which numerous customers have been asking for and are likewise going for $100 million (roughly Rs 600 crores) in 12 months.Personally he dreams to have a high-tech home office, completely controlled by voice and gesture, powered by Google Now or Siri.

“Taking risks and making choices is what makes life so exciting”

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