Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 17 (Melorra)

meloraDesire to be trendy and fashionable and want your jewellery to reflect the same ? The perfect solution for it – Melorra! Jewellery in India has been mostly traditional and the industry has not evolved with the evolving woman’s fashion. Bangalore – based, Melorra is looking to change that.


Founded by former Titan Industries and Dell senior executive Saroja Yeramilli and R Krishnakumar, Melorra is a trend based jewellery app dealing in designing, developing and retailing jewellery articles that makes it convenient for a woman to shop depending on her mood, personal style and occasion. The app not only shows you the latest trends in jewellery, but also gives you advice on how to wear and style it too. The precious and high-end jewellery market has not changed. The designs do not complement a modern woman’s wardrobe. The urban Indian woman’s wardrobe is western attire and Melorra wants to cater to that segment. For fresh designs and new approach, this app is the perfect pick.

With a small team of 40 employees, company runs on order-based inventory model. It outsources its supply chain and delivery to Sequel Logistics which excels in handling high security deliveries. Customers first need to place an order online through its app and once the company receives it, it will deliver the order within five to seven working days. Mellora has around 10000-50000 app users on Android platform.

Sharing her views on the development, Saroja Yeramilli said, “A few years back, nobody thought online apparel sales would take off here, but it’s among the fastest moving ecommerce propositions today. We expect online jewellery will also go through a similar cycle and we want to build a good brand in the space. We are keen to disrupt the online jewellery market, which is still nascent here. It accounts for merely 0.1 per cent of jewellery sales in the country.”

Melorra has raised USD 5 million (about Rs 33 crore) from Lightbox Ventures, making it the largest early stage investment in the country. Talking about the investment, Nitin Sharma, Lightbox Ventures said, “The opportunity in the jewellery market here is massive and over 80 per cent of it is still unorganised. We want to build a strong brand with Melorra, bridge the gap in the market and reinvent the shopping experience.”

Innovations involving 3D printing, customization of jewellery and try-it-out options keep customers hooked. Melorra offers 3D printed jewellery and people are willing to spend when it comes to unique jewellery designs. Mellora’s vision is to be a premium aspirational brand in the online jewellery space.


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