Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 13 (EarlySalary)

Struggling with financial blues every month-end? EarlySalary might just have the right solution

early-salary-logoIt was late at night when two companions — Akshay Mehrotra and Ashish Goyal — couldn’t help but discuss the financial woes the end of the month inevitably brings. Even though they were no longer students, the end of the month invariably meant a flat wallet. While discussing their story, they understood that this issue is not specific to them and that most of the working class had a similar woeful story to tell. When they chose to scout the market for money related arrangements, they didn’t find any product that could help them. In the wake of meeting over a 100 working experts crosswise over cafeterias, IT parks, and coffeehouses, the duo chose to assemble a portable application — EarlySalary. Continue reading “Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 13 (EarlySalary)”

Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 12 (

“Sometimes not having pre booked travel plan fetches you an idea recognized as one of the top 5 hottest start-up ideas by Forbes!”

image-1Like many of us, Phanindra Sama, one of the co-founder of a leading online Bus Tickets Platform, also used to travel to his home town from Bangalore to Hyderabad, very often. In 2005, during the festive season and his last minute plan left him with no choice than to travel by bus. He had to hunt for the tickets all around the city himself before Continue reading “Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 12 (”

Startup Sunday Season 1 Epsiode 11 (NestAway)

Are you a bachelor and recently relocated to a new city? How easy was it to get a home of your choice? Want a nest away from home?

yourstory-nestawayIn India, bachelors are not easily welcomed in residential areas and looked with suspicion. Working singles are seen as having a casual lifestyle with untimely waking hours and irregular schedules. This notion has been there in the Indian society for a few decades now and NestAway aims to change the outlook people have. Continue reading “Startup Sunday Season 1 Epsiode 11 (NestAway)”

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