Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 10 (Hiree)

hiree-logo-socialToday, we live in an on-demand economy where each one of us wants their demands to be fulfilled in the timeliest of manner, be it ecommerce, home services or even recruiting. Just-in-time is the mantra of today. Developed on this concept the Bangalore-based online recruitment firm, Hiree (previously, MyNoticePeriod), aims to bring together recruiters and potential candidates actively looking for jobs. Continue reading “Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 10 (Hiree)”

Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 9 (Zerodha)

“There is only one side to the stock market and it is not the Bull side or the Bear side, but the right side” – Jesse Lauriston Livermore


Trading in derivatives is the most rewarding and also the most punishing business where person investing 1 Lakh INR in the morning encashing 3 lakh INR in the evening is quite common. At the same time another person, perhaps his neighbor, invests 1 lakh INR and loses the whole amount in the same day. Continue reading “Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 9 (Zerodha)”

Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 7 (SELCO)

“Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry. ” – Bill Drayton

selco_logoDr. Harish Hande, while doing his PhD on Sustainable energy at the University of Massachusetts, conceptualized this very idea of revolutionizing the Energy industry by the use of solar power. He along with Mr. Neville Williams, president of SELF (Solar Electric Light Fund) founded SELCO (Solar Electric Light Company India) in 1995. Based out of Bangalore, Karnataka, the sole purpose of SELCO is to counteract the three widely held beliefs namely: poor people cannot afford sustainable technologies, poor people cannot maintain sustainable technologies and Social ventures cannot be run as commercial entities. Continue reading “Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 7 (SELCO)”

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