Startup Sunday Season 1 Episode 1 (Unicommerce)

“The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved”

uni-new-pngUnicommerce has solved one such problem with panache. Founded in 2012 by three classmates from IIT-Delhi, Unicommerce was recognized as one of the “Promising Cool Startups” for the year 2014. The company provides Uniware, a cloud based software that integrates all the seller accounts of a seller onto a single console. The products include Multi-channel order processing, Inventory management, Shipping solutions, Warehouse management and Dropshipment. To understand this revolution that Unicommerce has brought in the E-commerce industry, let us consider the following example:

Majority of the online sellers face the problem of processing orders through different marketplaces as it is usually time consuming. The process includes invoice generation and label generation before the product can be packed and marked ready for pickup. Let us assume that a seller X receives an average of 100 orders from 5 different marketplaces, say, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, PayTm and EBay.Before Uniware, X would have had to anually  create invoices for all of the 100 orders as well as generate shipping labels by manually entering the invoice numbers. This entire process becomes redundant with the adaption of Uniware. Uniware does the job in a matter of a few seconds. In addition, Uniware’s reports can also be used to calculate sales tax values which is another time consuming task as the seller needs to keep separate logs for each marketplace. The best part is that the services are priced as low as INR 2 per invoice.

As of now, Uniware can be used to sell over 30+ online marketplaces from a single console. The seller might also update the inventory on Uniware so that the inventory management is taken care of, as well and no longer require manual adjustments in the inventory. Why would a business not opt for a software which technically increases its sales by approximately 25 percent? Therefore, since its very inception, Unicommerce has attracted numerous angel investors who believe that E-commerce is the future. It certainly is.

Unicommerce had already started fulfilling 1.5 product shipments per month during its first year in the E-commerce market. The extraordinary growth rate of the startup and its promising business model received an undisclosed amount from Nexus Ventures, a venture capitalist having presence in India and Silicon Valley. It is also being speculated that Snapdeal is keen on striking a deal to acquire Unicommerce. If you are a person interested in E-commece, Unicommerce is one company which you cannot look over without being motivated.

Market observations indicate that the Unicommerce might be valued around 10 million USD post its acquisition by snapdeal. The market sentiment in India is aligned towards an imminent “Ecomm Boom”. This, perhaps, has attracted more angel investors the E-commerce arena. In this investment-friendly scenario, Unicommerce seems to be pulling the right strings at the right time.


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