Startup Sunday || Season 3 Episode 26 || Biryani By Kilo

Gone are the days when you needed to go to that shaadi to enjoy the divine taste of Biryani. Biryani has come a long way from home – caterers to cloud kitchens.
Swiggy also revealed that the chicken biryani was the most ordered dish of the year.
This Sunday we are bringing you the story of one such startup which is working towards bringing that hot plate of Biryani straight to your doorstep.
Sound familiar, it is none other than Biryani by Kilo.


Biryani By kilo was started in 2015 by Mr. Kaushik Roy, who has earlier worked with the likes of Nirulas and Britannia; and branding and marketing professional Vishal Jindal. They saw a growing demand for biryani in the fast-food space. Biryani because of its ease of consumption, familiar flavor profile and nutritional value was becoming extremely popular. It was replacing burgers and pizzas and making its way to office desks.

How it came up?

Mr. Kaushik Roy who comes from a food background and has been in the food industry for the last 23 years says that Food Delivery is something that is taking off in India. Everyone is trying to deliver food in some form or the other be it a cloud kitchen or a standalone restaurant. But he felt that nobody was delivering fresh food in India. He says that fast food like sandwiches and pizza can’t be consumed more than once in a week but Indian food people tend to consume more often so he wanted to do something desi at the same time being fresh and could be delivered easily. So he felt that Biryani was the one thing which could replace pizzas in due course of time.

Biryani By kilo raised about $1 million in Pre series A round of funding from various investors led by Mr. Ajay Relan, Founder Chairman CX Partners and Vinay Mittal, HT Media Strategy.

What makes it unique?

Mr. Kaushik says that he started his career as a waiter and saw various chefs. He saw that the fresh and slow cooking way of making food was amazing. He saw his mother and wife cook biryani at home and wanted to do this to a commercial scale. After a lot of R&D, meeting with chefs he came up with Biryani by Kilo which cooks each biryani individually and delivers the biryani in the same pot it is cooked in. Mr. Kaushik believes the upswing is because of the convenience of packaging, delivery, and consumption.

How big is Biryani By Kilo?
BBK currently has 10 outlets in Delhi-NCR and one outlet in Mumbai with an annual revenue rate of about Rs 24 crore.


BBK has also invested in a cloud kitchen type delivery model something similar to Freshmenu and Fassos. This sort of model gives an advantage of low capex and rentals, the ability to change locations, scaling up, centralized marketing, good efficiency, and low wastage.

Future Plans

Mr. Kaushik says that the funds they raised will be used to take the company pan India, scale up and achieve a sales run rate of 40 crores by mid FY19. Mr. Kaushik said that Biryani By Kilo is planning to raise a Series-A round of funding in early 2019 to become Rs 100 crore+ in the next 2 years.

Biryani which was once considered a dish for the Indian royals has now become accessible to more and more groups of people. Today biryani is not only cooked in expensive restaurants and new age cloud kitchens but also in roadside stalls with big handis. It is an easy one pot meal for the common person. So what lies ahead for biryani, maybe becoming popular in the frozen form in departmental stores. Till then let us enjoy our pot of biryani one grain at a time.


Startup Sunday || Season 3 Episode 25 || Stuti Changle, Author-Entrepreneur

Somewhere between the right and the wrong, the past and the future, there lies a now. Don’t let it go. For now often leads to an open road”. – Stuti Changle

In this edition of Startup Sunday, The Entrepreneurship Cell of IMI New Delhi features a best-selling author, entrepreneur and an inspiring personality, Ms Stuti Changle, who is an alumnus of IMI New Delhi.


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Startup Sunday || Season 3 Episode 23 || DigitalNil- Growing Businesses Digitally



The world has seen a huge paradigm shift when it comes to marketing strategy of companies. Riding the digital wave and technological advancements around the globe, new avenues have been created through which companies are fighting for their share of digital space over the internet and mind space of the millennial youth and millions of customers surfing online. No one is ready to leave an inch when it comes to the digital marketing arena and this has boosted startups in the field of digital marketing to grow.

One such startup which is looking to revolutionize the world of Digital Marketing is DigitalNil. Ideated and Co-Founded by an electronics engineering student, Nilesh Komatwar, this digital marketing startup envisages to help businesses, especially startups grow in India. An enthusiastic individual, Nilesh not only looks to promote startups and new ventures be visible online, but also create a network which could be leveraged by the budding entrepreneurs to connect with each other and potential investors. DigitalNil in one word would act as an incubator to promote new businesses grow digitally.

This Sunday, we have the excerpts of the conversation we had with Mr. Nilesh Komatwar, CEO of DigitlNil. Nilesh is currently a third year electronics engineering student and has been involved in quite a number of startups from an early age of 18. He has had a roller coaster ride till now in his journey but every time something has come between him and his goal, he has strived hard to overcome such obstacles to launch DigitalNil successfully.

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Startup Sunday || Season 3 Episode 22 || Nykaa! One stop beauty destination

1The French designer Yves Saint Laurent nailed it when he said, “The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy”. This is especially apt in today’s day and age where the ever-helpful e-commerce businesses are putting everything a consumer needs online and giving it to them with hefty discounts.

For every girl, be it a college student or a working woman, her one-stop beauty destination is NYKAA! Launched just in 2012 by Falguni Nayar, an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, Nykaa is currently valued at INR 3000 Cr. Let’s delve into the entrepreneurial journey of Ms. Nayar, and see how the Company has managed to achieve breakeven EBITDA and a valuation of INR 3000 Cr in a span of 7 years


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Startup Sunday || Season 3 Episode 21 || Careio – Making Home Care Services Easier And Effective

In an emergency, what treatment is given by ear?  Words of Comfort.” said Abraham Verghese

Long-term medical care, whether it be for the sick or recuperating post-surgery or the aged, is best carried out in the environs of the home, for reasons of patient-comfort, logistical convenience and economy. But to constantly monitor the condition of the patient and provide Medicare at the appropriate time, the two vital requirements are professionally-competent personnel and optimal use of technology.

Though nascent in India, home health care service providers are using both these components to good use to make their mark. But India hasn’t grown much in this sector, because in India, the old and sick are taken care of by family members. Our society generally looks down upon families that seek outside help to take care of their sick and bedridden elders.

 So, is India ready for professional home healthcare providers?


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Startup Sunday || Season 3 Episode 20 || (Frontier Markets – The Social Entrepreneurship)


Entrepreneurship is a journey which begins with a vision and keeps the person going miles and miles of success. But it gives a delight when you can create an impact on society by your start-up. Many social entrepreneurship are such examples where the vision is not just doing business but to impact the lives of many.

This Sunday we are presenting the story of one such Start-up that has changed the standard of living of many in the rural household- Frontier Markets Continue reading “Startup Sunday || Season 3 Episode 20 || (Frontier Markets – The Social Entrepreneurship)”

Startup Sunday || Season 3 Episode 19 || (Crealth Research & Educare)

  “If you want to be rich, you need to be financially literate. People with low financial literacy standards are often unable to take their ideas and create assets out of them. We were not taught financial literacy in school. It takes a lot of work and time to change your thinking and to become financially literate.” – Robert Kiyosaki

College graduates spend 16 years gaining skills that will help them command a higher salary; yet little or no time is spent helping them save, invest and grow their money.
In this edition of startup sunday, we will cover a financial research and advisory startup, Crealth Research & Educare.
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Startup Sunday Season 3 Episode 18 (Leaf Studios – Enhancing Your Audio Experience)

The music industry is growing across all geographies and in an age of free data, we consume it more and more. Now what if we tell you that an Indian startup is competing and surpassing the likes of Skullcandy and Sennheiser at their game would you believe that?


Mr. Chiraag Kapil, Co-founder and Head of Product Design along with his co-founder Avinash Bansal did a research project in University of Illinois, Urbana Champagne. Chirag says this project gave him a core understanding of music as an element of how it interacts with a person.
In this edition of Startup Sunday, we will be talking to one of the founders of ‘Leaf’ who along with his IIT Delhi and DTU friends have decided to go on a rebellion against the so-called‘Big Brands’.

preview (1)

The Entrepreneurship Cell was fortunate enough to interact with Mr. Chira Continue reading “Startup Sunday Season 3 Episode 18 (Leaf Studios – Enhancing Your Audio Experience)”

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